Red and Pink and Lovely | September 03, 2009

Red & Pink & Lovely

Red and pink lovelies for your inspiration...

TOP:  Beautiful Maraschino cherries and beautiful composition-  Prop Styling by Alessandro Mortola

MIDDLE: A perfect 'Sugar Rose'- Styling by Deb Mclean

BOTTOM: Vintage bathing beauties from Vogue January 1963  on My Vintage Vogue via Pink Lemonade

posted under: Colour Inspiration, Desserts, Fashion, Food, Photography


  1. divine, love the colour combination with the soft blues.
  2. Beautiful images and styling - perfect attention to detail.
  3. Thanks again for the lovely eye candy.
  4. I came upon your site via Creature Comforts blog and I love everything I am finding here!
    Red Pink and lovely is a cute start for my eatdrinkchic adventures!
  5. Pink & Red are my favourite 'together' colours.
  6. Red + pink + a Tiffany-blue ocean background. What could be prettier?

    I must say, I love, love, love your blog {found you via Creature Comforts}.

  7. Wow, I love that Vogue print. I went to Conde Nast to see how much it would cost for a print and it's just a bit too much $$ for me. Bummer.
  8. Nice to be here and see your post !
  9. Nice to be here and see your post !
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