REDValentino Spring/Summer 2014 | June 03, 2014

A cute-as-pie, girly collection from REDValentino for Spring/Summer 2014

Be sure to also check out the Fall/Winter collection. Loving all Swan motifs- particularly in the collars and bags.

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  1. Grecia | Jun 3, 2014
    Where can I get this beauties?
  2. kim Taylor | Jun 3, 2014
    Love this collection of outfits. How do we see more and how do we purchase? Thanks
  3. FLORECILLA | Jun 3, 2014
  4. Awesome looks! I think the 2nd and the 3rd are the best ones
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  6. a good one!!.. must say!.. thnks for sharing!!
    have a look here!!

    :) loved it!
  7. membuatnya menjadi getas (brittle) serta menurunkan keuletannya (ductility).
  8. Meskipun baja sebelumnya telah diproduksi oleh pandai besi selama ribuan tahun, penggunaannya menjadi semakin bertambah ketika metode produksi yang lebih efisien ditemukan
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  10. Wow! Those outfits are really good. I think that I would like to get something like that.
  11. a good collection of evening dresses. I like your taste and all models that you submitted
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  13. Gorgeous and beautiful Collection for real girls. I really liked the second image it is very delicate and feminine.
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