Rich Colours and Decadence... | September 15, 2009

Rich colours and decadence

Inspired today by the rich colours and indulgent lifestyle portrayed in these gorgeously styled photos.

ONE: Beautiful bottles.. Interior Styling by Jamo (via JuBella)

TWO: A floral overdose... Photography by Denise Grunstein

THREE: More beautiful bottles... Interior Styling by Jamo

FOUR: Mmm.. dark chocolate... Photography by Matt Armendariz

posted under: Colour Inspiration, Desserts, Fashion, Food, Home Décor


  1. Gorgeous - I love the jars and bottles int he first photo.
  2. I love all the work by denise grunstein, one of the best for me!
  3. I wish that was my dressing table with all those bottles!
    Some really beautiful pictures.
  4. Love that yummy Mexican hot cocoa on the bottom, I swear it's the best there is! These are fantastic pics that remind me of fall and cozy evenings. Ahhh... great finds!
  5. Oh I LOVE these colors. Just came across your blog and it's fabulous!!
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