Samantha Pleet Spring/Summer 2014 | October 24, 2013

Thought I'd temper my recent spurt of 'bloody' Halloween posts (pardon the pun) with a shot of prettiness today...

Happy Friday! :)

{ photography: Jacqueline DiMilia. styling: Turner }

posted under: Fashion, Photography


  1. Gorgeous images Love the leafy green foliage... divine!


  2. Love the simple photography! The models and vibrant colours remind me of Frida Kahlo and her eyebrows! ;)
  3. Gorgeous photographs, as vibrant and colorful as we need them in winter !
  4. OK, it took me a while to find where to comment, but I've made it, haha!

    I love all of these outfits! I have 2 weddings coming up; I'd love to be able to afford any of these, hehe.
  5. The photography is amazing! I'm quite smitten with that watercolor rainbow number.
  6. Both the dresses and the styling are fabulous - a bit "exotic", aren't they? Something refreshing for upcoming winter... Actually, I've just thought about the same idea, more less: :)
  7. a good one!!.. must say!.. thnks for sharing!!
    have a look here!!

    :) loved it! :)
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