Sass & Bide | January 17, 2011

Cute tees and tanks from Sass & Bide. Love the styling of these shots- they're like pieces of art.

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  1. LOVE the photos!
  2. Looks great. I love Sass & Bide.
  3. So lovely.

    Have you seen the lovely print tees from Eleven Paris? I love my new 'Who is Chloe?' t-shirt.
  4. Adorabe T-shirts!!Kisses
  5. love the polkadots!
  6. Beautiful t-shirts and a very nice presentation.
  7. These are fantastic!! 'Fantastic Projects' is right! The message one, the polka dotted tank.. all great! You find the greatest things, Amy!
  8. Sass and Bide always do the best prints, they're just so wearable. I really like how these have been shot too! Super cool :)
  9. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
  10. this is another awesome post that you share on this blog.
  11. These t-shirts designs are really cool and great for me especially. It will help me a lot to find the best designs.
  12. There are some cute tees and tanks from Sass & Bide. Many people love the fashioning of these shots- they're like bits of art. I really wanted to know about Their color scheme is really amazing and you would love them. On the blog there are some photos of these tanks and some comments that they are really very pretty.
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