School's In | July 13, 2012

I picked up a copy of the latest issue of Real Living magazine yesterday and was excited to read about Abigail Ahern and her luscious interior styling! 

As a graphic designer, 2d design is more my specialty, so bring on the caffeine, the sugary donuts and the super-steep learning curve!  I'm voraciously ploughing through magazines and books and soaking up as much information about interior styling as I can.

Abigail has some really great tips for breaking the rules in interiors. I love her mix of quirky and surprising elements, her penchant for spray painting in high gloss colour (that desk is amazing!) and her bold use of oversized objects. She uses dark colours to achieve great dramatic effect- with layers of texture and pattern and these sudden pops of bright colour. Oh my, I'm smitten.

Watch this video where she meets The Selby and check out her gorgeous East London home! You can see the Real Living article here and more pics of her home on The Selby.

And in other news....

Yes, we bought a new couch... and it's awesome. I was in two minds about posting a pic before I had finished styling it up to my satisfaction. This is the work-in-progress version. I generally hate showing people things before I've finished, but I've bitten the bullet. I'm determined to document more of my decorating journey on this blog. As you can see you've caught the couch in a colour-crazy stage in it's evolution!

Although I'm still very much at the start of this journey and have a long way to go to complete our home, I have already learned how essential it is to only buy furniture and objects that you absolutely LOVE. Sometimes it's so tempting to buy a piece because it 'fits' well and you're eager to finish off a space but it's so much more rewarding if you wait it out until you find something that really makes you HAPPY because everytime you look at it, you get to feel that joy all over again. Imagine an entire home filled to the brim with objects that create that effect!

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  1. Melinda Dower | Jul 13, 2012
    I agree - that is one freaking awesome couch. I love it!
  2. Wow! I really like the couch. Did you apply colorful buttons? Nice work!
  3. That couch is gorgeous!
  4. that couch IS awesome! did you do the button colors? they are FABULOUS
  5. my first time commenting here and i LOVE the look of your blog...just great photos and style.....keep up the chicness!!!
  6. freakin love this. keep the decor inspiration company!
  7. Oh it's really lovely Amy - and beautifully styled too might I add. Where did you get the couch?
  8. I would love to know where you got the couch from as well. I've been looking for something exactly the same
  9. Looks fabulous so far... love the colours - reflects all the lovely happy colours you post about
  10. Love the couch! Can't wait to see more of your decorating.
  11. Really cool info! Thanks.
  12. leanne | Jul 16, 2012
    far out!!! that is one AMAZEBALLS couch!! x
  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this couch! where is it from?!
  14. This is my first time comment at your blog.Good recommended website
  15. Hi all, thanks for the lovely comments about our new couch! The colourful buttons came with it so I can't claim credit for doing those! I don't know where the couch is from originally but we bought it from a cute homewares store called Montebello Emporium on Whitehorse Rd in Balwyn. Here's the yellow pages listing They only had one of them but if you live in Melbourne and are interested you might want to contact them to see if they can get anymore in. It really is a beautiful couch and we're so happy with it!
  16. Hi Amy, I just found your blog and I love it. I've been reading your past post for hours last night :). I found so much inspiration through this blog. Oh I also love your new couch, the way you designed it is very playful and cheerful. Well done!
  17. the couch is amazing. utterly insanely perfect. great find!!
  18. Amanda | Jul 20, 2012
    Where did you get the throw pillow that has the little boy with the telescope on it?
  19. Steph | Jul 21, 2012
    World Market is selling a smaller couch very similar to this one:
    I fell in love with it in the story and it's super comfortable.
  20. I have to say, it's pretty glorious!
  21. Oh boy, I love the couch!
  22. Vanessa A | Jul 26, 2012
    So cute!! I wish they had more.
  23. Oh your couch is fab - LOVE the buttons ; )
  24. Eli | Aug 8, 2012
    As Amanda said, where did you buy that pillow? It's amazing!
  25. I love the lines of the couch, but I really love the way the buttons transform a neutral couch with pops of vibrant color!
  26. Hi all! For those interested in the pillow, it's from Poppy Red Designs, right here...
  27. Wow, amazing! Those buttons are genius, you're so lucky to have found such a gem. x
  28. Fashion | Oct 1, 2012
    Freaking awesome indeed! Love the style with the colored buttons
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