Scrapbook | July 24, 2013

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All these things I know to be true:

  • Kate Lilley is awesome. I mean, seriously. Love her site Minieco and love her Strawberry Treat Box printable on Oh Happy Day. Love love love.
  • Aiko Fukawa does the cutest illustrations. Guaranteed to make you smile. Get lost in her colourful world right here.
  • These pillows are just too adorable and I must have them all.
  • Marsha Golemac creates pretty things with paper. Her Mother's Day 'Things we love' sign for Megan Park's boutique window is just beautiful. I want to be Ms. Golemac. There, I said it.
  • Movenpick's Creme Brulee ice-cream is to-die-for and no, there's nothing strange about eating ice-cream in the dead of Winter.
  • After getting sucked into the rabbit hole that is Pinterest and getting lost for an hour (or two), I've become a) really inspired by Japanese packaging and b) absolutely certain that Pinterest needs to have a big, flashing "Enter at your own risk" sign on its homepage. If you dare, you can enter the rabbit hole here.
P.S. I hope you like my new 'Scrapbook' column! I plan to use this space to impart my current obsessions and the inspirations that are feeding my creative projects. I hope they'll inspire you too!
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  1. Love your new scrapbook column! and your choices, specially in love with all Miju's pillows. I'm the (proud) owner of Mr. Shinning which is laying in my bed right now :) (he is <a href="">here</a>;) and I also had the chance to met Miju in Barcelona she is lovely!

  2. Sorry about the previous comment, the edition was quite a mess! :)
  3. What an adorable post! Those strawberries are so fun! Xx
    -Lauren Martin
  4. You are hilarious! Thanks so much for love. LOVE YOUR WORK! xox
  5. Hi Marsha! So sweet of you to stop by and leave a message! :)
  6. lemondedis | Aug 21, 2013
    je déteste Pinterest !!! je veux toujours "juste jeter un petit coup d'œil" et deux (ou trois, ou quatre, ou...) heures plus tard, j'y suis encore !!!
    je me retrouve avec le maximum de boards (367, avec les collectifs), presque 80000 broches (aujourd'hui : je les dépasserai sans doute avant le week-end !), dont environ 18000 freebies (les vôtres y figurent en bonne place !)
    je suis une vraie "pinterestaholic" - non anonyme, lol !
    si vous voulez voir ce que je fais, c'est là :
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