Freebies! Set of 4 Gift Tags | October 21, 2009

As promised- more free printable goodies! Hope you'll find good use for these decorative gift tags I've created for you. Continue to see the whole set and to download your freebies!

I've printed these onto textured white card stock and cut them out very carefully with a pair of scissors. I then used a small round punch to pierce the hole for the ribbon.

The set includes the three tags displayed above plus "madame" which uses the same image as "mademoiselle". Enjoy!


IMPORTANT NOTE: The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use. As a courtesy, if you wish to link to anything on this article, please link to this page and not directly to a downloadable file. Thanks for reading this boring footer stuff! :)

{all images by Amy Moss}


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  1. Samantha Pacardo | Oct 21, 2009
    These are so lovely! I'll definitely use these soon :)
  2. so pwetty!!..can't wait to use them!!
  3. i adore these tags not a surprise because i love all your freebies amazing
  4. Adorable, thank you for such a lovely share!
  5. So super cute! Well done!
  6. LOVE THESE!!!

    thank-you thank-you!!! so glad I found you off of You are My Fave.
  7. Absolutely charming! Thanks for sharing.
  8. These are so, SO cute! Thanks so much for these! I'll be linking.
  9. Anelieze | Oct 22, 2009
    Pretty! It's probably weird to be asking do you make borders like those in Illustrator? It's probably really simple but I'm missing the trick to it...

  10. Amy your items are always so lovely and perfectly stylish! Thank you for sharing your hard work with us!
  11. So very cute! Thank you for always sharing the loveliest freebies with us!
  12. Looooooooooved them! Love all your stuff! congrats!
  13. KimB | Oct 23, 2009
    These would be perfect for a little girl's Paris themed birthday party for the guest gift bags. Thanks for sharing!
    Just printed out a few sheets..They look amazing on gray card stock as well!
    Thank you!
  15. Very pretty and practical. Thanks :)
  16. Shanna | Oct 25, 2009
    Thank you for sharing this. I have been looking for something similar and thought I found one but yours looks so much better!!! Also, after much research I realized we dont really have much resources offered for creative freebies here in Europe. Too bad but you are truely a blessing!
  17. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I really appreciate it :)

    Anelieze- regarding your question on how to do these borders in Illustrator- I guess the trick to it is that you only really have to do one segment or corner and repeat and mirror this all the way around to form your border. Does this make sense? Hope this was helpful!
  18. Very nice, I love your style!
  19. Janelle | Nov 9, 2009
    So cute - thank you for sharing!! I just stumbled upon your site. It's awesome!
  20. I love these gift tags - the french motif is so adorable!
  21. Carleen | Nov 16, 2009
    hi amy! i was wondering if you know what that shape is called?? (if it is a shape:)) thanks!
  22. These are amazing. Perfect timing for the holidays.

    I wanted to let you know Igave you a little bit of blog love. You one of my daily reads. Keep up the great work :)
  23. Hi Carleen- I don't believe that the shape really has a name!
  24. WOW! Thank you so much, how cute!!
    Tracy :)
  25. "thank you so much"
    it very nice ^^
  26. Cute! Thank you very much for those. The white card stock you've used looks great - I had some marbled blue paper sitting in the bottom of my filing cabinet that I used to print out the images on. I shrunk them a little as well, to make up for the thinner paper. Thanks for the gift ;-)!
  27. hehe these are just too lovely for words... thanku! they'll put a smile on anyone's face. i stumbled upon your site by chance and i love it :D
  28. susanne | May 12, 2010
    Dear Amy,
    I've downloaded the gift tags "madame", "monsieur", "bébé" and "mademoiselle". I also printed them like they are - they came out app. 5 x 5 cm and unfortunately I can see the pixel. The download has only a size of 196 KB. Isn't a quite small for printing? Thanks for answering! Susanne
  29. adudek | May 13, 2010
    Lovely. Can you tell me what the cherry blossom paper beneath the tags is?

  30. Natasha | Aug 23, 2010
    Simply gorgeous! Thank you for the download. :)
  31. love this one!
    thanks !
  32. Sneha | Sep 28, 2010
    Damn cute and sweet. Will definitely use them.
  33. rae | Oct 21, 2010
    thank you thse are lovely - love your blog!
  34. Blanca | Dec 14, 2010
    Thank you so much for being so generous! I've downloaded the xmas and other tags and can't wait to use them.

    Thanks again from a Spanish girl living in Germany.
  35. ele* | Sep 7, 2011
    Thank you is more than you deserve for this great work of convenience for everyone! Noticed the ribbons look very pretty as well,where can i get them?
  36. Thank you! These are perfect, we are living in Paris and these will be perfect for teacher and friend gift tags. Love them.
  37. gege | Jan 12, 2012
    tres joli
  38. These are just to cute! Love the images.
  39. mas | Apr 8, 2012
    they are so stylish :)
  40. Laura | Oct 28, 2012
    Aside from telling you how cute these tags are..I was wondering where you purchased/found the darling ribbon that you strung them with in your photo? Thank you!! :)
  41. Gee | Jul 2, 2013
    wow these are so adorable. i hope to use them soon.

    thanks for sharing your talent. ;-)
  42. I was looking exactly for that! We are organizing a baby shower in Estonia so blue and white are the colors! It's great to find things like that, thank you!
  43. Nice to share Thanks for sharing
  44. So you have to do is enlarge the size of the windows 10 and change size of it.
  45. So wonderful and cute! I like your ideas and creativity on making this 4 tags gift sample.Thanks for making it printable and simple to have it!
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