Sharon Montrose | July 14, 2010

Living in an apartment, I often miss the company of a dog. That's why it's such a joy to peruse the stunning portfolio of photographer Sharon Montrose. Gorgeous work!

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  1. Oh. my. life. This has almost killed me. Seriously, Im having heart palpatations all over the place and make very undignified high pitched noises. *MELT*
    ps. my husband is not going to be happy that you have shared this.... I, on the other hand, sincerely thank you. *s*
  2. This has made my day. I have been sulking about not having a pet today and seeing these brought a smile to my face :)
  3. My husband shot with her a little while back! He really liked her and her work - pretty easy to see why :)
  4. Love this! I have a folder on my desktop entitled "puppies" so I know what you mean...
    <a href="">Style Storyboard</a>
  5. makes my heart pitter patter... :)
  6. omg, i die.
  7. Lovely....
    I'm a city girl too, but if I ever move to the countryside....
  8. I live in a pet friendly apt, so I'm surrounded by cats and dogs all around. However, I don't have a pet myself, so I still understand how you feel!
  9. I love Sharon Montrose - I saw her at the craft fair in Downtown Los Angeles last November and it took all of my strength not to buy everything in sight. Her work is amazing!!
  10. hehe so cute! i do love my kitties, but someday i'd love a dog!
  11. Maggie | Jul 15, 2010
    thats rediculousyl adorable <3
  12. PUPPIES!!!!!! zomg :)
  13. Oh my brother will not be happy with you... I have been nagging for a dog for about a year now and he keeps saying no... The nagging will start tonight again. :) Cam xox
  14. MMM | Jul 15, 2010
    ma che foto splendide.. cuccioli dolcissimi! e complimeti per il blog =)
    se ti va passa da
  15. OMG I'm so glad you've shared Sharon's amazing talent with your readers! :) She sells her work at my show and EVERYONE loves how whimsical and captivating her animal portraits are - from deer to rabbits to seals! These must be custom for a puppy owner? If so, I'll have to hire her to snap my new pup!
  16. So flippin cute! Ah, I want a dog.
  17. can not resist!
  18. big sigh! love love love this. i only wish my dog wasn't deathly afraid of camera's!
  19. Melissa | Mar 18, 2011
    It’s sad that you are promoting the works of Sharon Montrose. This artist's recent work features exotic (and endangered) species as the focal point of her work (and without providing a proper explanation as to how she is able to acquire them for her personal use). I believe her work is inhumane and reverses our progress in animal rights, globally. That’s all I wanted to say and I’m not trying to be abusive or argumentative. Just a differing view point.
  20. Helen | Apr 24, 2011
    I think you're dangeroulsy jumping to conclusions here and I disagree with you whole-heartily. These beautifully captured images do not reverse animal rights, but instead bring about positive awareness. My daughter has four of Sharon's prints in her bedroom and wants to be an "animal doctor" now because of them. As you say, another different point of view.
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