Sideshow Sign Co. | May 18, 2012

Go grab yourself a supremely awesome, fully-customisable marquee or wood lettering sign from Sideshow Sign Co. You know you want to.

I promise to be jealous.

{ photos from Sideshow Sign Co. website }

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  1. I was just recently over a friend's house and they had these amazing HUGE antique marquee letters lines up against a looked bad-ass!

  2. Love this font! These signs would be perfect for a photo shoot down south! couple cowboy boots a whit dress and an old bar and your set!
  3. These are so great! How could you stop at one?
  4. These signs are deliciously to die for.
  5. I like ! The font of the R is gorgeous !
  6. I love the 'eatery' sign - its so delightfully retro!

    Gems x

    <a href="">Australian Fashion Review Blog</a>
  7. Just incredible. Very gorgeous!
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