Snow Globe Gift Tags | November 08, 2011

Snow globe gift tags from Kate Spade. Pretty.

posted under: Gift Ideas, Holidays, Stationery


  1. pretty amazing! i love these - great find! x
  2. So cute!
  3. Kate Spade is doing such a terrific job with all of its wares, particularly around the holidays. Must resist!
  4. Super cute, I'm always looking for unique wrapping ideas!
  5. Just in time for the coming holidays. Very cute!
    pd: i want a DIY pleeease !
  7. Love those! I am starting to get all excited about Christmas!

  8. Just stumbled across your lovely blog via Pinterest and SO glad I did! It's like a gallery of all my most favourite things. So much prettiness! Can't wait to go back through your archives and discover more treasures!

    Katie x
  9. these are adorable gift tags!
  10. Beautiful!! Love everything Kate Spade does.... those these may top in cuteness
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