So cute I couldn't resist... | February 11, 2013

Last Thursday was my birthday! I turned 30 again (for the 4th time in a row). So, naturally, I felt it was time for a wee bit of a shopping spree. You know, to spend some of my hard-earned birthday cash. Took a stroll through Fitzroy on Saturday and spotted this pretty + colourful necklace by Stampel at Dagmar Rousset (such a cute shop!) It even came in the most gorgeous little box. I just couldn't resist...

Happy Birthday to me.

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  1. How cute your new necklace is!! Happy Birthday!!! =)
  2. Cori | Feb 12, 2013
    Happy Birthday :)
  3. Janice | Feb 12, 2013
    Hi! I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time but I'm not much of a commenter. Thought I would say happy belated birthday and i hope it was all kinds of adorable and lovely just like your blog :)

    btw i just splurged for my bday on sunday on some imi jewelry ( in hawaii! just thought i'd introduce you to a line you might enjoy :)
  4. I don't think anyone could have resisted this cute necklace! Very playful und pretty!
  5. oh happy belated (cough) 30 th amy ; )
    fantastic birthday gift. how adorable is the box alone x
  6. happy belated birthday!!
  7. Happy Birthday Amy! Keep on being creative and talented. You have a great blog!
  8. Julia | Feb 22, 2013
    Happy belated Birthday! have only just recently started reading your pretty blog & i really love all your bright & happy posts - makes sense now, you're a fellow Aquarian (my bday was on the 11th)! Happy February! *:-)
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