Starting Early | November 03, 2014

It's always around this time of year that I start to get excited about the impending craziness that is the holiday season. Each year I make these utterly gargantuan plans.  “It's gonna be so friggin' AWESOME!” I say to myself as I begin crafting a mile-long list of ideas for decorations, gifts, wrapping and design projects- getting myself all hot and bothered in the anticipation of seeing each idea come to fruition.

It's about this time of year that I basically start setting myself up for the biggest disappointment ever.

I usually get so overwhelmed in the planning that hardly any of my ideas see the light of day. All my gift shopping ends up last-minute-week-before; dashing all hope to find or make gifts that are thoughtful and unique.

This year I pray that I've learned from my past mistakes but, in all honesty, over the last month or so the extravagance of my daydreaming has hit new bounds. I have to remind myself: Keep it simple. Don't be over-ambitious. Set your mind on only a handful of achievable projects.

The good news is, however, I have started my Christmas gift hunting early this year! If you're a bit of a creative nut like me, I would highly recommend this strategy! Especially when you're as details-oriented as I am.

Anyway, during this season, I hope to share many of my finds with you on this blog. Perhaps it will inspire you to start early too. Here's the first round...

kids sweater | mortar and pestle | clutch | tea | card | tray

Ok, so it's actually the gorgeous packaging that sold me on the Flutterby range of teas from T2. I have, however, sampled both flavours and they are really tasty! I particularly like the Flutterby Kisses fruit tisane. The great thing is that the label peels off easily so that when the tea is finished you can re-use the pretty tin to store other teas!

Finally, how stunning is this box set of copper patterned notecards?! 

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  1. so many great picks! i love the mortar and pestle and the tea.
  2. Ahh, I SO know the feeling! Planning is always the funnest part for me (following through - not so much), but good on you for getting started so early! Can't wait to see more picks. <3
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