Studio Sarah | May 16, 2013

Loving the pastel colours and elegant gold touches in this new line of luxury stationery by Sarah Silver (whose previous venture, Brown Paper, sadly closed its doors last year). 

Be sure to check out all the prettiness over at Studio Sarah.  

{ all photos from Studio Sarah }

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  1. Love that. Very clean, and very pretty!
  2. Love these... gorgeous, soft palette with hits of metallic - I'm in love!

  3. Those are so sweet! Love the hints of gold!
  4. Looks lovely :)
  5. This so cute!
  6. How cute! I love the pastel and gold combination!
  7. fantastic i really love this post
  8. Wow, so pretty ?
    Love those soft colors with gold accent!
    Thanks for sharing :)
  9. really sweet. i love the goldcolor.

    lovely greeting
  10. I love the gold pastel combination! And that type fits very well. Simple and sweet.
  11. I love the gold!
  12. Fantastic Cards! Love the pastel colors :)
  13. Never seen so Good one
  14. 91Wow ! Great crativity and the post clarity is awesome.182
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