Stuff and Tea Towels | May 09, 2013

I turned to Mark the other night and had a big fat whinge about how I didn't think this flu would ever go away and I would feel like this forever. Long Emphatic Sigh. 

Sorry for the lack of updates recently... it's hard to impart inspiration when your brain's gone seriously whackadoo. 

I am extremely grateful for all the kind and encouraging comments on my last post! You guys rock! I truly have such wise, insightful and beautiful readers. The overwhelming response was, when it comes to this blog I should 'do what makes me happy' and just 'follow my heart' and even though this advice may seem simple and obvious, I think I just needed to hear it! Thank-you for your support! xo

So, I'm off now. I will be attempting to master the art of being non-productive (so I can get over this bug) but before I leave- Do you like the above drawing by David Shrigley? It is available as a tea towel at Third Drawer Down... I think it's kinda cute.

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  1. Feel better soon x
  2. Aw, you poor thing... Being unwell is awful, I hope you get well soon..!

    In regards to your last post, I really feel like you should just create posts & blog about the things you love, the things that mean the most to you.

    I absolutely adore all of your content - you sense of colour & styling is amazing, your DIY creative projects are inspiring, & your taste in new artwork & product is exciting..! Your blog is one of few that I make sure to visit every day or so. I look forward to your posts so that I can read about what you've been up to, what your latest creations are & what fun, exciting design & product you've found & want to share with us all.

  3. Hope you feel well soon! x
  4. The flu is awful, you poor thing. Hang in there, it's got to be on its way soon..!

    Love this tea towel. I saw it in a store yesterday & stopped to have a bit of a giggle after I'd read it.

  5. Oh dear, this year's flu is horrid, both husband and I have already had it! Sending lots of hot lemon and hugs!

    I just bought this teatowel for my Mum for Mother's Day, she loved it!
  6. Hope you feel better soon :)

    I Think this phrase defines my living room,ahaha <3
  7. In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time.
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