Styling the Acrylic Tray from West Elm | July 29, 2014

When West Elm recently sent me their clear, rectangle acrylic tray and asked me how I would style it, my mind was flush with all the possibilies! I've secretly had my eye on it for awhile so was thrilled when presented with the opportunity. I love mixing different materials when I style and as the decor in our home is predominantly wood and ceramic, the clear acrylic adds a wonderful new element to the mix.

My first thought was that it would be great as a drinks tray, perfect to accommodate my brand new acrylic Baci Milano champagne flutes (a recent purchase from Terrace Outdoor Living) and also my growing spoon and stirrer collection. I added a festive touch with colourful pom poms from Fenton and Fenton.

Secondly, I'm hopelessly addicted to collecting pretty stationery items, (some, admittedly, that I never actually use but just like to gawk at!) and the clear tray provides a beautiful way to display some of my favourites.

Finally, I had an idea to simply use the tray to stack large coffee-table books. I think it creates a nice alternative to bookends without blocking view of them and it also neatly separates them from other styled elements on display on a sideboard. 

Think of any other creative uses? Let me know!

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  1. I could see it being used to organize cute sewing/quilting supplies.That's what I have in mind.
  2. I would use it to store spices. Some of them in cute little bottles, some of them in these small oriental bowls you see in markets.
  3. Love your golden shears! too cute :) I think this tray could also work to display / layout jewelry pieces too!
  4. Some creations and what we can do, you can do everything really well and efficiently.
  5. Nice tray! You organized your things perfectly :)
  6. I am in love with every part of this post! West Elm + perspex + gold, emerald & pink = gorg!
    I could also see it housing my makeup brushes and compacts or perhaps a stack of coffee table books with a brass seas urchin or two on top! :) Tina
  7. That last photo - absolutely gorgeous. I like the use of the print notebook as well; it's a nice contrast from the rest of the glam accessories and helps the overall look keep away from being matchy-matchy!

    I just discovered your blog and am working my way back to older much cool content! Maybe I should get back to work now...or not. ;)
  8. I would keep ALLLLLl my nail polishes or stationary.. I also have a thing for pretty stationary. p.s I recently got a new mini cacti for my desk and love it!
    Bec x
  9. Pip | Aug 13, 2014
    Where did you get the wee purse from? It is so pretty!
  10. Nice post! The use of clear tray to organize different accessaries is a very brilliant idea.
  11. I love these acrylic trays -- since they're see through, they bring such a light and airy feel to a room.
  12. This is truly impressive! I love the colours. For our anniversary with my boyfriend, I have this idea to prepare for him a photo album in vintage style with our photos together from the whole year... I was wondering a lot about the colours which can match best... Now I think to borrow your idea - it's perfect! Maybe I will share the result... Thank you!!!
  13. I'm a huge fan of the stationary styling. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the gold items you have in there. The eiffel tower scissors are beyond cute :)
  14. So pretty! You are on my week favorites!
  15. These items look so adorable! Your blog is great X
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