Sukie and Springtime | October 04, 2012

The spring weather has finally hit in full force! And although I try REALLY hard not to completely inundate this blog with happy snaps of Sukie, I simply can't help myself! I'm a hopelessly smitten doggy parent.

Sukie is largely an inside dog. However, with all the glorious weather we've been having lately, she's spending more and more time outdoors- basking in the sunshine, playing with her beloved new soccer ball and shamelessly scamming the occasional belly rub from suckers passers by. 

Her idea of heaven is when all three activities are performed simultaneously in one epic Sukie-appreciation-fest.

The only thing that could top the experience is the inclusion of chicken.

Happy Friday all! xo

{ all photos by Amy Moss }

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  1. I know the feeling! I recently got instagram and only two of the pictures are not of my dog. It's hard when they are so photogenic, like Sukie here! She's a princess!
  2. Who could resist such a face. Not I!
  3. Hi, I just found your blog and it's so adorable... And Sukie is so cute, I really love dogs (although I haven't decided yet if I'm a cat or a dog person, I'm in Vet School so I love them both) because dogs are really spontaneous, always happy to see us when we finally go home, tired and cranky, they are there just waiting for us and don't ask much in return.
    Keep taking Sukie to play outdoor, they feel really free.

  4. sukie-fest all the way, please. come on --- look at her face. she's irresistible! :D
  5. Sukie is adorable. I've got a big dog myself and she's such a joy to have around.
  6. I just LOVE that dog of yours! Look forward to seeing you soon, girl.
    xoxo Susana from Two Clouds in the Sky
  7. Beautiful dog and I very much enjoy reading your blog! Also awaiting your new posts in november! :)

    Annique from
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  9. omg, your pooch is adorable!!
  10. shentall | Nov 19, 2012
    Thank you......thank you....and thank you....


    x x x
  11. Just found your blog and love it - and LOVE that you included your pup! She's a beauty!
  12. What a sweet, adorable dog!
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