This is not a 'doggy' mommy blog... | September 16, 2011

... but I couldn't resist posting these cutie-patootie shots of Sukie with my husband Mark.

It's been over 3 months since we welcomed our Bull-Mastiff cross rescue, Sukie, into our home.

She's a bit of an odd cookie, our Suke. She boasts monster-like proportions but treads ever-so-lightly through if the slightest misstep would elicit her doom.

Watching her negotiate stepping over a hurdle placed a mere 2 inches off the ground is both hysterical and frustrating. She has a set of legs that leave Cameron Diaz for dead, yet she approaches this task with a trepidation most reserve for jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet.

Over the last couple of weeks, I swear something has changed... She's become more playful...bold, even. Perhap she's finally letting go of some of the emotional baggage from her previous life... whatever that was... and finally learning how to trust.

I watch her enjoy a good floor wrestle with Mark each morning. She loves it so much, she refuses to let it end. This is usually enforced with a defiant flop across his lap before he has a chance to leave.

I also watch in great delight as she explores our backyard; her beloved tennis ball clutched between her teeth and her tail wagging furiously. She bounds through the flowerbeds, leaping platforms with such agility it's as if she's momentarily forgotten the paralysing fear that usually holds her back from similar, yet far less challenging feats.

She also delights in rolling onto her back, rubbing it against the dirt and grass and making happy growly noises in a rare and wonderful display of 'normal' doggy behaviour.

I watch her contentment grow and grow with each passing week.

Sure, she's still got those beautiful sad eyes but we've come to realise she's not really's just her face!

{ photos by Amy Moss }

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  1. I wouldn't mind if this turned into a doggy mommy blog! I love dogs. Thanks for sharing Sukie photos.
  2. Bego | Sep 16, 2011
    she's a sweet piece of cake!
  3. I have a dog myself, even though it is not a rescue dog.

    I love it when dogs trust again and realize that in their new home they will be trated well, receive love, have fun...and how much they give in return.
  4. She's beautiful and lucky dog! And I think you are lucky too :)
  5. Lyndsay | Sep 16, 2011
    Awww! Furkids rule.
  6. I'm with UnibrowCow - bring on the hound! She's adorable. It speaks volumes of your household that she feels already so comfortable. Bless you for opening your home and hearts!
  7. She's a beauty and looks like a total cuddle monster. Those soulful eyes! Adorable.
  8. So adorable! My blog is not a "doggy mommy" blog either...but I still cannot fight the desire to post about my dogs every few weeks :).
  9. awe... such sweet photos!
  10. corinne | Sep 17, 2011
    hummm mademoiselle looks very pretty :) !
  11. Ahhh that face! Way too much cuteness going on here :-)
  12. Awe! She is too cute. I have TWO rescue dogs myself. For both of them it was really about a full year before they were really feeling at home and safe. It's funny how you can see the progression almost from day to day. One for example would eat all of her food in literally 3 seconds, like it was the first and last meal she would ever have. Poor thing, and finally a year in she started to leave a bit in her bowl and then finish it a little later, like she just realized we weren't going to take it away from her and another meal was just around the corner! Thanks for sharing the pics. I wouldn't mind if there were a few doggy updates here and there :)
  13. Pam | Sep 17, 2011
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a doggy mom blog! She is beautiful and fantastic and you should have more pictures of, just don't cross the line of bodily function posts-then we know you've lost it.
  14. Ha ha - not a doggy mom blog - hilarious. I have to admit I am obviously a crazy dog lady, but even if I wasn't I would think Sukie is just adorable.

    I LOVE the fact that you chose a rescue, and I adore that you are so open in talking about how much joy she brings to your lives. You make the perfect family!

    BTW today is actually 'Adopt don't Buy' day, so you've perfectly timed this post!!

    Hugs to Sukie :)
  15. So sweet!! What a wonderful moment!

  16. shiori | Sep 17, 2011
    Sukie is just SO BEAUTIFUL!
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  18. Brandi | Sep 20, 2011
    What a beauty! Loved this post. My dog has been weighing heavy on my heart today for some reason. This post brightened my day! ?
  19. Dogs are so funny. I have a french bulldog which is the total opposite. She probably comes up to your dogs knees but she just plows through whatever is in her path like a little tank.
  20. Sukie is just beautiful. What a great addition to your family. I love the shots of her with your husband. I must confess as a doggie mama myself, my favorite photos of our mini-dachshund Gretl are those with my hubby.
  21. Aww those are the kind of eyes that you just can't get mad at. Very cute.
  22. Aww! Adorable - I've had my rescue now for about a year and a half, and she has the same fear/trepidation of the small things. Makes my heart ache as I wonder why she is afraid of, say, a plastic bag with groceries on the floor. On the bright side, we have never had to "gate" her into a room, since all we need to do is put a chair by the door and she wouldn't even think of trying to get around it :) Love rescues :)
  23. She's beautiful. We have an English Mastiff that we have had since he was a pup. He gets frightened when his tags clink on his metal food bowl. So he refused to eat from it. LOL. He runs at the sight of a cat, and can be intimidated by small dogs. He keeps me smiling though. I love him as I'm sure you Love Sukie!
  24. I was so sad reading this - poor Suke - at least she is safe now. She was lucky to find such a wonderful home with such kind people who will spoil and love her for ever more. Good on you for offering her such a lovely new home.
  25. Thanks for all the comments and for sharing your own doggy stories- love hearing them! :)

    Apart from a fear of stepping over things, Sukie also has a strange fear of orange juice bottles- actually pretty much any kind of water/liquid vessel we carry in our hand. If we bring it close to her, she will cower and refuse to look at it. She also dislikes running water and always leaves the room when a tap comes on. We're slowly trying to create positive associations with these things so she gets over her fears.
  26. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I have such a soft spot for dogs (although my husband and I have two cats! one day though, when we have a yard we WILL have a pup!) those photos of your husband and Sukie are so heart warming. Anyway. Gorgeous blog! Congratulations to you for living out your dreams :)


  27. What a beautiful dog! How lucky that she found her way to the two of you!
  28. Beautiful words for a gorgeous dog - rescues are wonderful. I have two myself and don't know what my life would be without them... Enjoy all the small moments and I honor your understanding of her idiosyncrasies that's what make dogs dogs :)

    I've enjoyed your blog for a little over a year thank you for it - it's a joy to read!
  29. Lettie | Sep 25, 2011
    Why mommy and not mummy?
    Aren't you Australian?? Australia has so few decent blogs, it always saddens me when the good ones choose to pretend they're American.
  30. Lettie- I apologise if I've offended you with the use of the word 'mommy' instead of 'mummy' but I actually did have a reason for this- the term 'mommy blogger', to my knowledge, was coined in the U.S and I felt that referencing the original term for the phenomenon would best communicate my point.
  31. Awww!!! What a little (big) cutie!! Can't resist that sad face.
  32. She has the sweetest face and the kindest eyes. She very happy and content in her loving new home!
  33. Adorable! I have two rescue dogs myself. The older guy, who I have had for 5 years, and he's 10, also has some strange fears. When I first started pointing the camera at him, he would run and hide! He's better now, and will sit still for a photo occasionally, but usually with a very exasperated look on his face! My little guy, I've had him for 3 years, and he's about 4 now. He unfortunately freaks out when I bring out the broom to sweep. It's sad to think what may have happened to him before, but now he's safe! Thanks for your blog!
  34. Bunny | Oct 4, 2011
    What a sweetie! (And your hubby ain't bad either!) Rescue dogs are the best!
  35. keka | Oct 25, 2011
    i love your dog! she's such a cutie and i am so glad she's found such a loving home with you.
  36. Those are adorable image.
  37. I have rescue cats (read about them here - and I just love when people share beautiful photos of their adopted pets - it's the best way to convince people to adopt.
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