Party Mix... | June 18, 2015


This summer I'm loving...

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

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  1. I so want the sunglasses! They are lovely!
  2. Love everything in this layout! Thanks so much for finding the Ibiza Tote on So happy to have found you blog!
  3. Oh great picnic items! love the tray!
  4. Such a cute selection!
  5. Those flamingo picks are adorable!
  6. Those are great party decors and I can think of various outdoor celebrations where they can be used. Number 6 is one of the things that caught my eye. That lantern can make a great focal point. Thanks for sharing!
  7. These pictures put me in a summer mood! I would add a cup of ice-cream and some fruits - watermelon and strawberries.
  8. I miss summer 2015 :( But summer 2016 is coming! :)
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  22. @Amanda, yeah they really very gorgeous also I want them.
  23. Also the handbag is not bad, thanks for sharing this.
  24. I think I could probably eat this for dessert! I have never eaten sweet potatoes like this although I have done a similar thing with carrots and loved it.
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