Sundayland | April 22, 2013

'Sundayland' is a term coined in our household for the dreamworld we inevitably escape to each Sunday.  Our minds abruptly descend into a kind of thick fog that provides incubation for a lot of half-finished sentences... vague, incoherent mumblings... thoughts that are half-baked at best....

So I felt that 'Sundayland' was an apt name for this brand new playground I've created for myself!

'Sundayland' provides a fuller, somewhat less polished, portrayal of my lifestyle. It takes a more personal approach, offering tidbits from my home and family life... but also strives to document my work process.

You see, I can be ridiculously perfectionistic when it comes to Eat Drink Chic. I take my time (sometimes a LOT of time) to source, curate, create and edit images and content, most of which ends up in a large, steaming pile on the cutting room floor. So I'll also be sharing some creative works-in-progress, half-baked concepts that have been long abandoned and outtakes from projects you've already seen on this blog. 

Hopefully this will also mean that I can churn out more content for you in between blog posts!

Have I successfully piqued your interest? Good. Check out Sundayland. :)

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  1. This is such a great idea! I desperately need a short and sweet annexe to my blog because I spend so much time agonising over every word, it's impossible to do as much as I really want. I also find that I have an excess of photos and don't know what to do with them. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put up there. You have inspired me (as usual!) with this post. XX
  2. Sounds great, I'll definitely check it out! You have such an unique and wonderful style, Amy.

    xo Julia
  3. it's beautiful! I love the idea, heading over there now.
  4. I just love it! I want to live in Sundayland.
  5. I've absolutely enjoyed Sunday land. It gives me a very personal feel, which I like ;)
  6. I love it <3
  7. Sundayland has an earthy reality feel to it that I much admire. It reveals the beauty in the everyday. Perfectly imperfect. Wabi Sabi. Sign me up for a month of Sundaylands!
  8. Hi all- thanks for the kind comments! :)

    Sherrie- thanks for mentioning Wabi Sabi, I'd actually never heard the term before and went to look it up- what an awesome concept.
  9. Sundayland is amazing... The name, the concept & the tumblr itself, I absolutely love it..! Adding it to my blog watch list as we speak...

    Your photos really are divine - the colour, the composition & the content are just perfection. Can't wait to see more of your images in the coming days/weeks..!


    P.S. I replied to your email a little while ago but I'm not sure you got it..? More than happy to re-send if needs be!
  10. I agree, many thanks to the author. Thanks for taking the time to share this,Great blog post. Thanks
  11. What a great idea Amy. I'm looking forward to following you to Sundayland!
  12. what a beautiful post. really. such a great concept!
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