Sunshine, flowers & big straw hats | July 16, 2010

At the moment I'm inspired by all things summer... A beautiful fashion photo shoot for Vogue Japan by Andreas Sjödin and Summery 'Swinburne' fabric from Osbourne & LIttle.

Speaking of summer, I'm about to jet off to the sunny side of the globe for my honeymoon!

Mark and I are off on a three week trip to New York, San Francisco and Hawaii!!  We're both incredibly excited and eagerly awaiting a well deserved break. However, I have organised some posts for Eat Drink Chic while I am away so keep checking back!

By the way, if anyone has any suggestions for places to visit in NYC, SF and Hawaii's Big Island (especially cute design-y shops, cafes or restaurants), let me know!

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  1. which island will you be on? and re: SF, goop released a guide to san francisco earlier this week that has some fantastic finds. have a wonderful time!
  2. Hey Carrie, thanks for the tip about goop. I will check it out. We'll be on the Big Island in Hawaii. I should probably have mentioned that! Cheers :)
  3. What a pleasant surprise! I work at <a href="">Jed Root</a>, and we represent him. Yes, it's one of my favorite shoots as well. The styling is gorgeous.
  4. that sounds incredible! have a great trip! love the hat straws, too. xo!
  5. On the big island, you should definitely check out the botanical gardens! They are stunning:

    In SF you can't go wrong with Belden Place for dinner:

    Have fun! ;)
  6. I've been wanting a big straw hat all summer. Enjoy your trip--while in NYC you should check out High Line Park and walk around little side streets in West Village (where you'll find plenty of great little restaurants and shops).
  7. Argh! SF is the only place I've been in the States and I adoooooore it! Food is sooooo good there! I recommend:
    - Farmer Brown's (mod-Southern) we had fried catfish and cornbread and shrimp'n'grits and succotash;
    - Millenium (amazing mod-US vegan. Possibly the trip highlight for two omnivores);
    - the organic icecreamery in the Mission (google, I forget the name, but it's popular)(and while you're in the Mission, go to Valencia 127. It's so much fun);
    - Colibri does good mod-Mexican. Not worth going out of your way, but it was right next to our hotel, so I ate there like, three times. Yum yum yum. Lurrrve their stuffed pepper.
    - Park Chow is sweet if you're in the area (Golden Gate Park). Popular family joint with real homey SF food and an organic focus.
    - For good Mexican, go to the mission. Duh. Then just ask someone where's good. The places are teensy leetle dives with little signage. Best tortillas, though.

    Avoid David's Deli. It was comically awful.
  8. Maggie | Jul 18, 2010
    Glad you are coming to NYC! I currently live there on UES! Check out Penelope Cafe if you are around Lex/30th Street...they have a great brunch. And Java Girl for a quick coffee on 66th bet. 1st/2nd Ave. Wander the West Village and Soho for great shopping. Oh, if you like raw food check out Pure Food and Wine on Irving bet 17/18th St. They make amazing stuff,but it's a little pricey. Have fun!! ps..I love your blog! Maggie
  9. Jocelyn | Jul 19, 2010
    If your heading to NYC you should check out the Fred Flare concept store; 131 Meserole Ave at Leonard Street Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

    It's one of my 2nd favourite websites (eat drink chic being 1st) that I always check out for design inspiration.
  10. Nadia | Jul 19, 2010
    As far as NY goes, if you're going to be in Greenwich Village you must check out Sweetiepie restaurant. I've never been there personally but it's just the sort of cutesy place I think you and I would adore. First heard about it through this blog:
    Here's the website if you're curious:
    I think it's be a great place to stop in for tea or coffee and a light lunch. :D

    Also, I know someone has mentioned this above, but I'll mention it again. For cool novelty items and some stylish clothes go to the Fred Flare store in Brooklyn:
    Also, if you're so inclined, I've heard a new 4-story Forever21 store has opened up on Times Square.

    Concerning SF, I've never been there before but I would suggest going to anyplace that the lovely Annabel of "Blushing Ambition" mentions. She's got a great eye for food as well as fashion:
    Maybe you can also get some ideas from Solannah of "Vixen Vintage" who visited the city on her Honeymoon:

    LoL can you tell I read a lot of blogs? I especially like yours, and I'd like to wish you a bon voyage.
  11. i'll be in new york next week too!
  12. Have a great time in New York! For great chinese food head down to Peking Duck House in Chinatown. Economy Candy Shop on the LES has amazing vintage candies. In Little Italy, Mulberry Street is closed on Saturdays and you can stroll around... the only good place to eat (great, actually) is Angelos of Mulberry. Brand new amazing restaurant with no reservations so go early is Torissi - the write up in the New York Times called the food "art" - and it's really incredible! I don't venture above Soho so I'm only a help downtown =)
  13. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
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