Surprise... We Got Married! Part II: The Story & The Styling | April 15, 2010

So you've probably heard that Mark and I cheekily surprised all our guests with a civil wedding ceremony during our 'engagement' party. Well, the following article contains the whole story along with all the sweet little details of the event, styled by yours truly with the help of some very talented folk.

Just in case you're looking to create a similar style of event in Melbourne, I've also provided a detailed account of where to source all the bits and pieces and have compiled a list of some of the creatives in the industry you should know.


I wore my mother's 30 year old floral wedding dress accompanied by an Alannah Hill floral hairpiece and vintage-style pearl white shoes each topped with a cute little rosette.


The gorgeous and talented Julie Dammery of Beautique Creative did a wonderful job. She created a very soft, natural and beautiful look for me.


I chose 'simple', 'rustic', 'recycled', 'vintage' and 'casual' as the key themes of our wedding 'picnic'. Wanting to capture a fresh, spring feel I set bright warm reds, oranges, pinks and yellows ablaze against a rustic landscape of wooden furniture, vintage crates, wine barrels, an odd assortment of collected jars and and bottles and bamboo plates and cutlery. Guests were advised a dress code of 'smart casual' to maintain the relaxed and understated tone of the event.


A series of pop-up pagoda marquees were set up around the edge of one half of a tennis court. In the middle were four large umbrellas. This added an open, outdoor feel while still protecting us from the intermittent drizzle that occurred throughout the day.


At 2pm, Mark and I stood under a pretty cream-coloured royal marquee set up at the front of the event, greeting our guests as they arrived.

Because we hosted it in the backyard of my husband's parents place, it created a much more personal and intimate atmosphere and allowed us a few days to set up so that we had time to refine the details.

Upon arriving, a lot of our guests may have thought that there was quite a lot of effort put into what was essentially just supposed to be an 'engagement' party.


Our caterers were Atlantic On Site. Their food was delicious and stylishly and creatively presented. They worked well with us to customise the presentation to fit with the theme. Guests raved about their food!

The delicious savouries consisted of simple, rustic fare with a home made feel. Highlights included some handmade chips in boxes made from magazine paper. The presentation of these was a perfect fit for my 'recycled' theme. I sourced the round wooden bread boards used for the vegatable antipasto and cheeses from Market Import.


I absolutely love how the buffet turned out visually. It had a rustic and casual feel about it with the overhanging flowers adding a touch of elegance.


The lemon meringues were to-die-for. A clear favourite among guests. The creative little 'textured lollipops' in various colours and flavours had a very light and foamy, marshmallow-like quality and were a delight to taste.


A creative arrangement of cheerful and warm-toned flowers in hanging glass bottles floated magically above the buffet and was the chief focal point of the event.

Flowers were also casually placed in the vast array of jars and bottles of varying shapes and sizes and arranged haphazardly across picnic benches. Gerberas, roses, strawberry fields, gloriosa, tulips, billy buttons, green tricks, sunflowers and dahlias were among the flower types present.

Flower credits go to Melanie from Cecilia Fox. Her stunning hanging bottles stole the show. They were gorgeous! She also was a great help with all the other flower arrangements throughout the whole space. The vast majority of bottles scattered throughout the event were hired from Georgeous but I also added a few from my own collection.


At 3pm, Mark grabs everyone's attention and begins his speech, thanking everybody for coming and relating stories about how we met and how we were friends for many years before we eventually got our acts together and became a couple. At the conclusion of his speech, he casually lets it slip that we are going to be honouring our commitment to each other in the form of a civil wedding ceremony here today before all our guests.


The collective gasp, shocked and delighted faces, raised arms and exclamations such as "You sly dog!" were pure gold! I wish I could live in that moment forever!


We spontaneously chose a spot amongst our guests to conduct a relaxed and unrehearsed ceremony. Our celebrant Deborah Cannon did a fantastic job especially dealing with our tendency to erupt in silliness!


You've probably already seen these beautiful images here of our first kiss as husband and wife.


These candid shots below of the congratulatory hugs after the ceremony and toast are among my favourites of the day!


I'm a sucker for warm scones topped with generous dollops of jam and cream. So simple and homey, these had to be the 'wedding cake'.

Once the toast was given and everyone had a little champagne, the scones were handed out to guests.

I created little paper trays in 'picnic' gingham and lined these with Cath Kidston paper napkins in kitschy patterns. The trays were personalised with our names and wedding date. You may recognise the heart design from this previous freebie. I also asked Atlantic to top them off with a couple of fresh strawberries for an extra splash of colour!


The 'homemade lemonade with elderflower water' by Atlantic was simply delicious and, in true recycled fashion, provided in jam jars. Manila tags tied to the top of each jar allowed guests to write their names and re-use their jar throughout the afternoon. These were topped off with pinky red and white vintage-style paper straws which I bought online from Lulus's Cupcake Boutique. The lemonade sat in glass jugs atop wine barrels as part of 'self service' stations set up at various points throughout the event space. The jam jars were hired through Georgeous. Barrels hired through The Design Depot.


Our guestbook were Cavallini and Co. postcards from Zetta Florence depicting various flowers and vegetables. Guests would write us a little message on the back and leave them in this vintage-style wooden luggage.


Chinese Lanterns from Scarlet Jones

Faux vintage typewriter from Provincial Home Living

Wooden Pencils from Oxfam

The cutest little stools ever, hired through Georgeous.

Vintage Crates hired through Georgeous

Assorted flowers from local florists and from Cecilia Fox

Bamboo sporks with matching round side-plates from Bambu, ordered online from Greenfeet.

Apples from the local supermarket!


A combination of outdoor picnic benches from The Design Depot and three legged stools and matching round tables , hired through Georgeous helped create the relaxed, outdoor 'picnic' feel.


We treated guests to nostalgic hits from The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, The Beach Boys, The Monkees, Doris Day, Dusty Springfield, Elvis, you get the idea....


Taking on the role of 'event stylist' for my wedding was initially a challenging one. I knew exactly what I wanted, envisaged the style and all the little details in my head but needed the right contacts and sources to make it happen. At first, I thought creating an event like this was impossible in Melbourne- all I could find were props that were either corporate modern/minimalist or overly 'grand' and traditional. That was until I met Georgie.

Although I didn't necessarily hire Georgie Kaye in an event planning capacity for this event, I would highly recommend her and her company "Georgeous". Especially if you're not a stylist yourself and are looking for an event management company that provides highly creative, quirky and unique events.

When I inadvertantly discovered her while searching for reasonably priced fake grass hire (something of a rare breed in Melbourne), things magically fell into place. I essentially hired a lot of the rustic furniture and bits and pieces through Georgeous but as far as I was concerned the service went above and beyond 'hired goods'. Georgie also provided tips, advice and ideas, actually physically helped out with some of the setting up (her removalist guy Chris put in such a great effort to get everything in place and was such a perfectionist!) and provided me access to a fantastic floral designer, Her passion, creativity and positive energy were incredibly inspiring and made her a delight to work with.


The other major hurdle was finding a suitable photographer. Luckily, on Polka Dot Bride I discovered Jonathan Ong. With a keen eye for composition and colour and a passion for detail, Jonathan and I spoke the same language and therefore worked really well together. I think it's so important to be able to capture not only the results of all the hard work that went out into creating a beautiful event but also to capture all those special and magical moments that make up the wedding experience. Jonathan did a brilliant job with both of these tasks.

Cheers Jon! Look forward to working with you again in the future!


I really need to credit the whole family for their valued time and effort in putting this whole event together. My husband and all our parents helped with dealing with vendors, setting up the space, running around to buy odds and ends, floral arrangements, creating the origami heart invitations, sourcing the drinks ... the list goes on. Fantastic team effort!

Stay tuned, more pics of the photo shoot with Mark and I as a newly married couple to come.

{ All photos by Jonathan Ong }

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  114. Truly a lovely affair. Such an amazing idea! And your decorating touches rock! I really enjoyed these few moments on your blog! I plan on coming back.

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  131. i'm getting married by february and i'm having so many inspiration by just reading this :)
  132. Oh my goodness, I found your blog a few months ago but have only just realised that you live in Melbourne! I also saw your wedding on Polka Dot Bride but didn't put two and two together until I was in the search for props and furniture for our upcoming wedding in rural Victoria and you came up in a google search. Am now banking on working with the amazing Georgie hopefully as I want to hire a lot of bottles, wine barrels, rustic tables and chair etc. Thank you thank you for the unexpected help :)
  133. That was a beautiful wedding and very Chic. Look like you guys had an amazing time. I will most def visit your site more often. Here's to wishing all your dreams to come true. Happy Holidays.
  134. Absolutely gorgeous.. everything! The story, the styling, the photography. Beautiful.
  135. Oh my - beautiful!!! And very sneaky. :)
  136. AMAZING! it makes me want to get married again and again! Lovely site,Felicitations!
    Caro, from Bordeaux
  137. jennifer | Dec 22, 2010
    To freakin cute!!!!!
  138. Beautiful, cute, sexy, amazing. Stumbling across this blog just made my day! Congrats!!
  139. Ann | Jan 23, 2011
    I just came across your blog & looooove your story. It made my heart smile:) Congratulations! Marriage is a beautiful journey.
  140. Gorgeous. I love how you styled your wedding. I was married in 1994… (Gasp) BEFORE THE INTERNET!!!! The Shock…..I did it all myself from Texas where I lived to Michigan where I got married. I designed the invitations using handmade paper cover decorated with a few pieces of gold and silver leaf and the invite itself was on vellum back before anybody knew what that was. I had the dress made from silk and lace purchased by my in-laws in New York City. I just trusted a seamstress somebody recommended. She made me a beautiful Oscar DeLaRenta-style dress from an ad I brought her. My mom made the baskets used for the table decorations and we planted herbs in them -each had a special meaning for love. The flowers were loose and done by a in-law of a cousin. They were simple but beautiful. I did my own hair and make-up. I made heart -shaped cookies we served out of a large basket and I made my own cake (first wedding cake I ever made) from a Martha Stewart Wedding recipe- rich chocolate cake with Grand Marnier Buttercream decorated with White chocolate shavings and my mom's home grown raspberries. My grandmother made the bridesmaid dresses after I couldn't find anything like what I wanted. I wanted them to resemble the Olympic skating outfit made by Vera Wang. Ironically the next year Vogue debuted patterns that were exactly what I wanted. Story of my life. I had so much fun planning it and making special things for my guests. This was also before the favor were given to guests or I probably would have made those as well.
  141. Edwina | Feb 15, 2011
    You thought of EVERYTHING!! So gorgeous and Special. Congratualtions.
  142. Just came across you website! Absolutely love your wedding pictures, especially those of "the kiss!" So sweet and beautiful, definitely brought tears to my eyes!

    Love your website as a whole too!
  143. Louise | Mar 4, 2011
    This is the most darling wedding I've ever seen.
    So beautiful! The styling is incredible, the colour and tone of the photography is gorgeous, everyone looks so happy and it must have been such a fun day!
    Congratulations on bringing such beautiful ideas to the table. You're an inspiration!
  144. The wedding looked absolutely beautiful - the food, the hanging flowers, your dress, your glowing faces - everything!!! The best part is the reactions of your loved ones to the great surprise. It all seemed so magical and fun. Congratulations!
  145. Danielle | Mar 21, 2011
    Beautiful! Where would one go to get personalized picnic gingham paper trays? I love this idea.
    Thank you
  146. what a amazing celebration!All is faboulous and perfect.. congratulations, it's a simple, beautiful, stylish, romance and private wedding! Love the flowers in a bottles, love the table, love the bouffets and the idea of take away, love the photos and the idea about guest book!!!love all!!!
    Congratulations again, i adore your blog , but i think this post it's the best!!
  147. what a beautiful wedding! I love your dress, and those hanging bottles are so charming! congratulations! (belatedly)
  148. Adore everything about your special day! The pictures are amazing!!! And your dress is to die for, your Mom has great taste. ;)
  149. I LOVE YOUR WEDDING! Such a sweet story and fabulous execusion of the details.

    I especially loved your postcard guest book and used that idea for a friend's wedding. Details seen here:

    Congratulations and thank you for the continued inspiration!
  150. I just came across your blog and I am smitten with it. And your wedding, it's just so lovely! Very creative and inspiring!
  151. You have the most incredible style and you are ohhh so so pretty. I just discovered your blog tonight and I'm in love with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Yuriko @ Vintage Origami
  152. how beautiful and inspiring ....
  153. i love the wedding! congratulation!
    It's the most perfect wedding 1 could ever have, so personal & inspiring!

  154. everything looked so pretty...the decoration, the photos, YOU! <3
  155. Man-D | May 23, 2011
    Loved everything! You are so awesome for putting all this together for yourself. Your blog photos are so stylishly perfect too, it's so inspiring. Congratulations to you both!
  156. What a beautiful wedding. I wish you both many many years of happiness!
  157. Paula Doyle | Jun 1, 2011
    Myself and my husband did this as well. We got married in 2007 and pretended to have a dinner party. The wedding was at 6pm. It was so lovely for our guests to not have to worry about hair/ makeup clothes etc and just turn up. The only requirement was to be fessed as if they were going to dinner- no jeans for the ladies. Truly fantastic day which focused on the true meaning of marriage- love and sharing it with those thar matter.
  158. just stumbled onto your site and of course, the first post i clicked on was the one of your surprise wedding. i loved all of the handmade touches and attention to detail - my sister just got married and we tried our very best to keep the affair wholesome and grounded, with little smatterings of DIY in all the important places. great job! :]

  159. an absolute wonderful wedding.. pure beauty and sincerity :D:D:D
  160. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! What a sweet idea. Love everything about your wedding... Oh and your blog is pretty rad too!
  161. hazel | Aug 4, 2011
    I love those little picnic trays too! Where did you find them??
  162. GORGEOUS! Love the details, yet, its simplicity. Perfection.
  163. I cried reading this and looking at the pictures everything was beautiful and so well thought out.
  164. Erin | Aug 20, 2011
    Stumbled across your blog and this post. The looks on everyone's faces after the annoucement are priceless, brought me to tears :) beautiful day and the style is just perfect.
  165. I love everything about your party!! I felt how guests enjoyed it and celebrated your love for each other. Really a memorable one! Hope mine would be as beautiful as this!
  166. Ahhhh! Such a great idea, and it looks like it was an absolute dream :) Amazing! Congrats!
  167. perhaps one of the most simply beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Full of heart. Congratulations, belatedly.
    (just found your blog--wow! so glad I am here and I will be back)
  168. how gorgeous this is the type of wedding i would love xxx
  169. Katherine Y | Nov 21, 2011
    Your wedding was super pretty!! I love how it was all so organic. This is my first visit to your site and it is just super awesome. You really inspire me to create stuff now
  170. pri | Jan 21, 2012
    I have been considering the same thing for my wedding. Your site came up when I googled "surprise wedding". Everything is so beautiful. Going to steal a few of your ideas. Your taste is flawless ;-)
  171. Wow, everything is so beautiful. This is how I imagine my wedding. I love that you surprised everyone :) so sweet.
  172. This is the most beautiful creative wedding I've ever seen!
  173. You're such an inspiration. I love your blog. And it's such a beautiful wedding! I wish you two the best, a marriage filled with blissfulness.
  174. Juliana | Apr 8, 2012
    Wow your wedding gives me so much information for my own, you look absolutely amazing!so very beautiful and chic, I love the rustic vintage theme. Congrats!
  175. It was simple yet colorful and fun! I love how the tables are decorated with lovely centerpieces. Flowers do have a magical effect in whatever place you put them. This wedding picnic is one of the best themes I’ve ever seen! Also, the food presentation is great! The colors of the food served made it all perfect!
  176. Such a wonderful idea to create the surprise for everyone! Everything looked SO beautiful, your style is VERY inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us.
  177. It's amazing wedding ceremony. I come to know about your blog post via Apartment Therapy's blog post!

    I'm food lover and very excited after reading food arrangement.
  178. Hilary in Brighton UK | Jun 23, 2012
    Absolutely in love with your day and that you've shared it all. The photos and story are just wonderful, blinking back tears of emotion. May you be very happy and creative for a long, long time xx
  179. Your wedding makes my heart sing! Every detail is just so perfect and well thought out, I'm sure it was an amazing day! I love the bottles handing on string, and the lemonade bar is amazing! Wishing you all the best in your married life. X
  180. allison | Jul 9, 2012
    Hey!i've checked out our blog several times and never made a comment but i decided to share today...hee. i love everything about it! that's all there is, there is no more...i mean really when someone says love it! they should mean it...and i do! muchas gracias! for the coolest ideas.
  181. 2 years later I bet you are still reveling... what a fantastic celebration!
  182. Oh, such a beautiful wedding, congratulations!!!
    Now I wish I could get married again ;)
  183. Wow! Amy, your wedding is beyond incredible. Such a perfect blend of details and beautiful things. Congratulations x
  184. This is such a beautiful wedding. I've seen the decorations before at other blogs but never knew it was your wedding. Such a great surprise :) Congrats!
  185. DHE | Aug 15, 2012
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    what a beautiful inspiring website
  186. Jane | Aug 21, 2012
    i so love your wedding <3
    the style, color, everything!
    it was so you.
    Btw, I'm jane from the Philippines.
    i found your blog and fell in love with it.
    Especially, the "about me" of this blog. it was so inspiring :)
  187. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I'm in love with everything you've done here! Congratulations.
  188. Rachel | Aug 31, 2012
    It may be a little late - but Congrats to you both on what seems like the most beautiful event of you lives together so far ...! Great website Amy..x
  189. cecil | Sep 13, 2012
    i cant help but comment..what a one sweet perfect day!! whew
  190. WOW! Congratulations!! I love all the little details of your celebration. Especially the trays and lemonade jars.

    I wish you both a very happy and fun forever!
  191. WOW! Congratulations!! I love all the little details of your celebration. Especially the trays and lemonade jars.

    I wish you both a very happy and fun forever!!
  192. wow..... you had me in tears. what a beautiful story. with the most beautiful photos! Congrats!

    Also love your website - I'm a new follower now!
  193. Lovely! All in this page is full of love! Great!!!
  194. Priscilla | Dec 8, 2012
    Gosh I have been on your website for years and nowfinallyyour Married?! Best Wishes to you and him the both!
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    my very first visit...i love your website...A very inspiring wedding ceremony...indeed....
  198. Denise | Mar 12, 2013
    Thank you for posting pics of you and your hubby's special day. I am very happy for you.
    Wishing you and yours much love and happiness for many, many MANY years to come. :)
  199. I do not often cry while reading a post. But your faces full of joy, and the love of those around you, I think it's a valid reason to be emotional.
  200. Jimmyfish | Apr 3, 2013
    Well Done and have a lovely time togethert.Love the idea but I think that caraffes would acco more of a bouquet although the p[ictures look superbe.
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  207. Royena | Nov 3, 2013
    Today is my first time visiting your blog
    (was looking for activities for me and my daughter to do) and I had to take a peek on this 'Surprise Wedding'.

    I LOVE everything about your special day; the colours, the feel, it seems so relaxed, fun and honest. I had to show my husband. I smiled through it all. Thank you for sharing your day with us, and as late as it is...still, congrats.
  208. Juliet | Feb 8, 2014
    LOVE IT! Very close to what I envision for my upcoming nuptials. I just want to have a fun, relaxed party...take a moment to get married...then carry on. Your surprise wedding pics and menu are inspiring. :)
  209. SarahP | Apr 21, 2014
    I am simply in love with everything. Your taste and styling are impeccable. I can not wait to have my own backyard surprise wedding. I guarantee it will be nowhere near as beautiful and well done as this, as I have no eye for art! But I think you for the inspiration.
  210. Roxane | Jun 30, 2014
    What a lovely and very moving post <3
    I was totally charmed by everything : the idea of a "surprise wedding", you (love makes you sparkle!), the beauty of your couple, the decoration, your creativity and taste, the quality of the picts (congrats to Jonathan Ong, he really has an amazing eye!), and this overhanging flowers wall above the buffet, WOW !!! I loved everything.
    I'm thinking to take some deco ideas one day, when I'll make a party :)
    Your blog definitely is a huuuuge crush :-}
    Keep doing what you do, transmit what you give and be who you are, cause you just seem amazing ! And Mark and Sukie too ^^
    All the best and love to you in the future :)
    Love from Switzerland
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