T2 Curious | November 01, 2013

T2 have got me, yet again, with the swoon-worthy packaging for their latest collection "Curious".  This collection is packed with all things shiny and I LOVE how they've incorporated the recent irridescent trend in their loose leaf tea boxes.

How ace are these mega-shiny cannisters?!

Would make such pretty gifts for the upcoming holidays! *swoon*

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  1. so fun! i love the bright colors! xo jillian - <a href="http://www.cornflakedreams.com">cornflake dreams</a>
  2. Gorgeous! You are right about the fun colors!
  3. Nate | Nov 10, 2013
    Twinkle Berry & Shimmer Punch or even better that the straight tea names in the shinny cannisters are Blueberry Blush & Luminous Rose is enough to make anyone LOL....By no means is that supposed to be disrespectful but yes I am a guy, looking for a DIY on something and I come across this. Whomever named these tea bags must have been a genius. And yes, I'm gay. (Seriously who would make a joke about tea names on a DIY message board,) Your site is wicked sweet BTW also your taste in design is IMPECCABLE. ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF!!!
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