Tea Party Hues | February 24, 2011

01  Sweet Dreams teapot and teacup set in 'Ice Blue' from T2

02  Creme Royale collection from Sohum

03  Cushion cover from H&M

04  Limoges tea sets from The Cooking Company

05  Royale Savon Bon Bon collection from Sohum

06  Macarons from Paulette Macarons

07  Madeline Chair from Urban Outfitters

08  Pavlova dress from Review

09  Perfectly packaged P.J.'s from Peter Alexander

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  1. i love the new cushions from H&M. and those teacups look so elegant!
  2. This set of colours is causing a brain explosion! Love everything.
  3. this makes me want to dress up and have a tea party. the colors are too perfect! want want want those teacups and that turquoise chair!
  4. Simply fabulous!
  5. Love everything!!! And these colors!!!
  6. i want the cushion cover now!
  7. That pillow again! :) My favorite of yesterday's mix. I love that dress, too!
  8. Patti | Feb 25, 2011
    These colors are so gorgeous together! Thanks for the lovely inspiration. :)
  9. Adore this lovely combination! These colors are some of my favorites right now.
  10. Your grouping is so, so beautiful. The teacups and chair are my favorites. Now off to redecorate my house in my mind...
  11. Lovely colour palette. The dress from Review is gorgeous!
  12. These pastels are just perfect!
  13. sooo cute n_n
  14. Love those colors together! Macarons are my absolute fav!
  15. Oh the color palette is divine. It's beautiful. And the goodies make it 100 times better! Thanks!
  16. Such a pretty roundup! That dress is perfect.

    This came at a wonderful time, too - I'm hosting a tea party on Saturday and nailing down the last few details! This got me in the mood!
  17. this could not be cuter! the pastels are so lovely + any reference to tea or tea parties instantly has me glued.
  18. Beautiful and yummy!
  19. Looks like a sea of dainty, delicious sorbet and gelato!

    Very pretty and summery ~ makes me feel like throwing a tea party ASAP!
  20. Loving everything, but I especially love the dress and the chair.
  21. Adore these soft, feminine shades...definitely makes me feeling like donning a girly dress and pouring a proper cup of tea!
  22. I just love turquoise and pink together - such a winning tea party combination! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend, Stephie x
  23. I am not typically a lover of pastels, but you made a believer out of me!
  24. Love the colours in these photos!!!
  25. So glad to have come across your blog while on the look out for unique ideas for our Wedding Bistro. Will definitely be dropping by often!
  26. how cool are these pictures? the whole feel of your blog is so tranquil and makes me wanna have a tea party! :)

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