Tea Time DIY Freebies at Wedding Styleguide | August 26, 2009

Tea Time DIY Wedding Freebies at Styleguide

Over at the Wedding Styleguide blog, Emma Henderson reminisces about a gorgeous photoshoot from their first issue that also includes some very beautiful wedding freebies for download. I love their use of colours and floral patterns!

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  1. Holi moli, you have a terrific aesthetic!!
    Found you via DIY wedding day and OoOoO so glad I did!!!
  2. chantal | May 28, 2011
    love it thanks for sharing
  3. quel dommage : il n'est plus possible de télécharger ces éléments !...
    ils s'affichent bien, mais le lien vers le téléchargement est rompu...
    merci pour tous les freebies disponibles et les idées : beaucoup me serviront sans aucun doute !
  4. Thanks for sharing
  5. I check out your photoshoot now a days and it shows that you doing professional work.I suggest you to continue your work so you get more experience.
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