Tea towels by Charlotte Farmer | December 08, 2010

These tea towels by Charlotte Farmer look good enough to eat. Available at To Dry For.

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  1. I would definitely feel more inclined to do the dishes with such brilliant tea towels!
  2. They are beautiful!
  3. Lola | Dec 8, 2010
    I'm so glad that I found your blog. It's so beautiful and full of inspiration <3
    Do you have a tumblr as well?
  4. Awe, these are SO cool! I need to have at least one! :)
  5. They look amazing, the second is my favorite!
  6. Love these! I am a big fan of artwork of candy and desserts. I think it has to do with my large sweet tooth.
  7. These are so cute! I love whimsical tea towels like that
  8. I knew she had to be English with that mallow biscuit in there!
  9. these are absolutely wonderful! love them!

  10. I absolutely love your blog. It's full of everything innocent and positively good.
    Thank you for bringing cheer into my days.
  11. so lovely!! i would frame them, i think.
  12. Just what I was looking for! Thanks!
  13. Just discovered your blog- its so lovely.

    And I'll be using those holiday gift cards. Thank you so much x
  14. these drawings are adorable! maybe you'll like mine too!

  15. Love Love Love these!! Sweet (no pun intended) whimsical goodness.
  16. Lindsay | Jan 21, 2011
    I---WE love treats! You are an absolute treat xo
  17. ahh! i love your blog.
  18. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
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