Teil Duncan | June 16, 2014

The gorgeous colours, the brilliant compositions... lots to love about the Beaches series by Teil Duncan. Although most are of her artworks are already sold, I thought I'd share them here because I find them so inspiring!

Psst.. she also has some prints available in the series!

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  1. Yes, it works great. The combination of the color space as well as what we can perceive.
  2. These are so great - I like all of the color!
    xx Lexi, <a href="http://glitterinc.com/">Glitter, Inc.</a>
  3. Amazing work! Very beautiful paintings!
  4. I love the candy-coloured hues - they remind me of summertime, tea dresses, and strawberry milkshake. Lovely!
  5. these are amazing! LOVE!
  6. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!!
  7. So, so great!
  8. To be honest I like such pictures a lot! Thank you for your art!
  9. LOVE this artwork, can't say i'd actually heard of the guy before but really love his style. Colours are just perfect and the style is awesome, may have to order a few prints!
  10. The painting was beautiful
  11. You beautiful painting
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