The DIY Origami Heart Invitations are in the mail! | February 16, 2010

I first introduced you to my origami heart engagement party invitations in this article here. Well, after a working weekend of printing, cutting, folding, sewing, stuffing, addressing and stamping... phew... my fiancé and I have finally mailed out the little cuties!

Hand-stitching the edges of the translucent pocket was the most time-consuming part of the project. To ensure accuracy and quicken the hand-stitching process, we first measured and marked out (with needle pricks) the intended placement of the stitches.  To save time, we only did 5 stitches on each side.

The actual origami folding, thankfully, went a lot quicker than expected! However, the duration of the the final phase of the project- addressing and stuffing envelopes-  was sorely under-estimated. Having said that, we are both very proud of the effort that we put into creating unique, hand-crafted invitations for what will hopefully be a memorable event!

Special thanks to my hard-working fiancé, who whole-heartedly supported this crazy little project of mine. I am thankful that he shares in my desire to make this event as special as possible! Thanks also to our beautiful mothers for their contribution!

You can read more about these origami heart invitations here. Download the template to create a love note to someone special.

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  1. These are the pretties engagement invitations I have ever seen. What a beautiful project!
  2. Oh my they are utterly utterly wonderful. So totally worth all the effort Amy.

    And congratulations on getting engaged!
  3. Love it! what a gorgeous idea!!
  4. These are so perfect.

    Your guests are very lucky to have such great invites!
  5. how gorgeous! what a wonderful idea :)
  6. OMG these are so beautiful. Can't wait to see what you come with for your wedding. Congratulations!

    Jetsetting Joyce
  7. these are so sweet! congratulations on your engagement and on finishing an amazing project with your fiance!
  8. Amazing attention to detail! Very cute invitations.
  9. Oh wow, your invites are so gorgeous and delicate! You can really see how much love and time you put into them.
  10. Simply and utterly darling! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!
  11. Love these paper hearts!
  12. so inspiring! Love to visit you
  13. oh my! so cute! so inspiring! I love it.
    and congrats! :)
  14. Love these! What a great idea and omg if my (now) husband had to do these when we were engaged, he would have died. Instead, I just made him Gocco ours, and that was torture enough! :)
  15. Congrats on finishing a DIY project and surviving. May it be a trend for all your days together.
  16. these are beyond beautiful. beyond!!!
  17. Thank you so much for sharing this and the template too! This is perfect for my budget wedding blog. I'll be posting about it soon and linking to you! Thanks again!
  18. They are ridiculously impressive! A lovely keepsake for you both.
  19. they look fabulous, I'm sure you'll have an amzing party!
  20. Hi.

    I love what you are making! It's pure eye candy.

    Please visit my blog (on my web site), and look at the pictures from my previous runway show.
    I folded paper bags (however, way simpler compared to your work).
    I'm not sure what they are called in English (fortune-something), but I'm sure we all made them when we were kids.

    Tanks & best regards from Tina, Norway.
  21. Jeny L. | Feb 23, 2010
    This is sooo cute! I am no where near getting married, but this is so sweet.
    Congratulations to you both :)
  22. Lovely cards!!! Congrats between!~
  23. Those are amazing! I will make my wedding invites like that! Thank you for an idea! LOVE IT!
  24. I love this idea so much I just commented about it on my blog! You are really creative and obviously so talented. Would be happy to post more of your DIY projects if you ever want to send them my way!
    xo, Ara
  25. sya | Mar 4, 2010
    oh, what a pretty invitation-amazing! and congratulations on your engagement, btw!
  26. I love them! They're so so pretty. Congrats on your engagement :)

    Also loving your blog too – I will be back! :D
  27. man...i love your site....and this post is fantastic...lovely..
  28. So adorable! You are so talented! I love the inspiration you bring to all of us readers and most of all CONGRATS on your engagement!
  29. wow weeee these are beautiful and soooo original :) x
  30. Amy, it's really a sweet project of yours..I wish when i get married, i also have the opportunities and energy to do this kind of project :)
  31. thank you
  32. vevy good
  33. debra | Jul 10, 2010
    love! I hope you subscribe to the thought that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
  34. as "debra" said, i hope you find imitation flattering, because i love this idea so much that i'm trying my best to re-create. i used it in my own save-the-date video, which is posted on my website. i tell everyone who compliments that you are my inspiration :-) thanks so much!
  35. free heart invitation
  36. Keeli | Aug 17, 2010
    These are adorable! I was wondering how one would go about creating the "handwritten" using the same text as the rest of the note (like how yours is done). I really like the way that looks, and absolutely do NOT trust my own handrwiting!

    Thanks, :)
  37. annie | Sep 14, 2010
    this is such a wonderful and budget friendly idea. would you mind if i used this for my own engagement invites? i've taken a look at the post that gave instructions on creating the hearts and pockets, however, i'd like to add text in the area where you included a personalized message. i'm not sure where it would go on the template that was in the post? i'd prefer to print some text on there instead of hand writing it.

    thank you!
  38. Alessandra | Sep 15, 2010
    Dear Amy
    thanks for this great idea.
    I used for my wedding invitation a and it was a succes!...and it inspired me for the wedding theme: origami!
    thank you very much!
    alessandra from Italy
  39. Amelia | Mar 25, 2011
    I love this idea I really wanted to do something different and I think I have found it. However I would like to know where and how you type the information onto the invitation?
    Many Thanks x
  40. Kayla | Mar 28, 2011
    I love this unique idea! How do i do it? It said something about downloading the template but I didn't see where to do that.
  41. michelle | Jun 8, 2011
    the quote font... is that your handwriting?!
  42. ed Andaya | Aug 12, 2011
    very interesting designs
  43. great idea!
  44. Margot Braddon | Aug 27, 2011
    lovlovlove it. Thank you
  45. jacinta | Oct 10, 2011
    absolutely adorable!
  46. sarah | Oct 27, 2011
    id love the fre template for the origami heart please
  47. julia | Oct 29, 2011
    Ive been looking for something a little different for months for our wedding next may- think i have just found the perfect invite!
  48. Katie | Nov 1, 2011
    I just love these! The font is gorgeous too, I would love to use it on my wedding invitations as it looks so classic. What's it called?
  49. jules | Nov 14, 2011
  50. stephanie walton | Jan 15, 2012
    love it how can I do this
  51. Nicole | Mar 4, 2012
    Do you have the template you used where you can put your engagement message in?
    Thanks beautiful idea i love it!
  52. jecapeca | Mar 27, 2012
    so beautiful!
  53. these are the most beautiful wedding invitations i've ever seen!
  54. Danielle | Apr 20, 2012
    These invitations are amazing!! I would LOVE to recreate these for my own engagement party! Do you have a template to use for the invitation? You've inspired me!!!
  55. jersey | Apr 23, 2012

    I love this DIY project. I used to make these hearts out of dollar bills and hand them out to my friends. This would be a great personal touch. One question though....when folding the heart, what size paper did you start off with? I can't wait to make these! Thanks for htis
  56. Looking for wedding ideas
  57. rachael | Jun 4, 2012
  58. how cute! i love the sweet origami surprise!
  59. tabatha | Jun 20, 2012
    Can you send me the template for these invites i love them...thank you
  60. Kelly Kertchem | Jul 10, 2012
    I love these invites! Would love to get the template.
  61. Chazzamaglory | Aug 28, 2012
    Hi there!
    These invitations are breathtakingly beautiful! You are very clever, and have inspired me for my own upcoming engagement party. Could you provide any tips (or possibly a template?) for printing the party details on the inside of the heart?
    Thank you!
  62. looking to download heart wedding invitation template.
  63. Sian | Oct 15, 2012
    I'd love the template!!!
  64. amazing!
  65. Would live to download the template x
  66. Danielle | Nov 8, 2012
    Hello! I have maybe a stupid do you know where on the paper to print so that it comes out right??
    Love this!
    Thank you!
  67. Donna | Nov 27, 2012
    love all these fabulous ideas
  68. Amelia N | Nov 28, 2012
    We a sweet idea! Can wait to give this a try for other things too
  69. Thank you so much for the idea, I used it for our first anniversary. (paper) I placed a photo take one year ago inside. It was very special.
  70. This is so lovely. I am going to make my wedding invitations as such.

    One questiond; I can not find the template on the website? Can you send it to me?
  71. Mariana | May 27, 2013
    Hello Amy! Great site you've got here, congrats! I am obssesed with this invitations! I would linke to use them for my wedding invitations, could you pleeease share the template. Thank you so much!
  72. Sara | May 28, 2013
    Hello! I LOVE these! I was just wondering if it's possible for you to send me the template you used ...thank you so much!!!
  73. would you be able to send me the template? I love them so much and would like your permission to use them...
  74. rachael | Feb 13, 2014
    Where do I start with this? I want these for my wedding?!
    Seriously tho...HOW?!
    R x
  75. Noella | Jan 25, 2015
    Oh my!!! Amy.. I would love to use this for a valentine's day card! would you mind to sent me the template? Or how do you know where to place the personal note?
    Thank you already.
  76. Nice post with inspired design
    Great useful
  77. Pang | Mar 16, 2017
    flawless postttt
    im just about to subscribe, can i get this in the mail too? thankyou(:
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  87. That's so cute. People will like it much.
  88. Adorable. Who else don't love this cute?
  89. Origami Heart is very cute. I like it.
  90. I do not know what to say really what you share very well and useful to the community, I feel that it makes our community much more developed, thanks
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