The Ramblings of Dottie Angel | March 10, 2010

I only just discovered the Ramblings of Dottie Angel. It's a delight to scroll through the beautifully composed images of Tif Fussell's crafty creations, collection of vintage goodies and loveable dachshund Olive.

Which reminds me, I really want to get this book.

posted under: Home Décor, Interiors, Photography


  1. What a great find, totally new to me blog. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Thank you for posting this -- it led me to finding a crochet pattern I've been hunting for weeks!:)
  3. M. | Mar 11, 2010
    i have this book! it's great- but a book i love EVEN more is- easy elegance.
    it will shatter you, it's so good.
  4. i love this blog! her posts are always so poetically fun and nifty :)
  5. What great photographs, so bright and happy !!!!
  6. LOVE IT!
  7. Wow, love the craftiness and her photos too... thanks for sharing!
  8. oh I just love Dottie Angel! Her color scheme is so so lovely and calming.
  9. very Nice
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