The Specialty Coffee Aesthetic | January 13, 2010

I'm really loving the current aesthetic trend in specialty coffee houses and roasteries in melbourne. A mix of factory and science lab. Stainless steel, wooden crates, army greens, amber jars... The juxtaposition of cold, clinical metals and warm, comforting woods. I swear, if not for an unavoidable caffeine aversion I would be hanging out at these places all the time.

Above: St Ali's Outpost at 9 Yarra St, South Yarra. Designed by Hecker Phelan Guthrie Interior Designers, whose impressive portfolio is definitely worth a perusal or two. I love everything they do! (Photos by Thom Rigney)

Below:  Market Lane Coffee in Shop 13 Prahran Market- 163 Commercial Road. Designed by Claire Larritt-Evans. Check out more pics of the project on her blog. I just love the attention to detail.


(For pics and info on Sensory Lab, see this review at Broadsheet)

Ok, I'm curious, is this style limited to Melbourne or is this an international thing? Let me know!

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  1. Thanks for this post!! I've always wanted to know who designed The Ivy in Sydney, Bistro Guillaume, Sensory Lab, and Outpost. Turns out they're created by the same people!! I'm heading over now to ogle at their portfolio. Thanks again!!
  2. I LOVE this place, sooooooo stylish!!!!!
    Sad it's so far from here, I'd be happy to be in.
    Thanks for showing us there are such fantastic places in the world.
  3. This place is awesome. I would love my 2008 Kona cupping contest winning coffee to be sold in a hip...well designed shop like this one. Kudos to you. Congratulations, on such a wonderful coffee shop.
  4. Melanie | Jan 14, 2010
    Big big fan. Great portfolio - thanks for sharing! :)
  5. I love how you've designed your post! Did it take long to do all those ripped paper bag photo frames and graph-paper tags? As a non-graphic-designer I'd love to know some quick tricks to spruce up blog entries.

    Jetsetting Joyce
  6. Jetsetting Joyce- I actually start off with stock imagery that I've purchased then edit the colour/dimensions/effects etc. in photoshop to suit each post. I buy to save time but you could just as easily scan in or take photos of various paper samples- ripped, crumpled, grid paper or otherwise, then edit them. There are a lot of free photoshop brushes out there to enhance the effects, for example, grunge brushes. Hope that was helpful!
  7. Penny | Jan 17, 2010
    Amy, your blog is divine, you certainly are a talented gal.

    In the movie 'It's Complicated' Meryl Streep's character owns a gorgeous cafe/bakery that is stylish in the extreme. Although it is merely a set (I believe) I do think similar sorts of places do exist in the US (having visited a couple there's one in Calabasas I particularly loved) - but in my opinion, their coffee is not a patch on ours! :-)
  8. how beautiful!
  9. oh my, what a gorgeous site you have!!
    love visiting, will be back for more ?
  10. looove that floor! so cute!
  11. I have heard so much about this place. One of these days I will just have to pop by.
    Great shots:)
  12. amazing places! the decor is unreal!
  13. I always love the places you find out about. Just wanted to say that I LOVE love love the layout of this blogpost. Great job!
    Thank you for those nice pictures.
    Yours, Theresa
  14. Great place, great photos!!
  15. We used to live in Melbourne & have recently moved to Vancouver and it is hard to find anything like the specialty coffee/breaky places in Melbourne. Thus far we've found three with similar aesthetic to the places above. Luckily one, Milano, is a few blocks from our place. It doesn't do breaky but it does have great coffee. I miss Melbourne coffee places, especially Minlokal.
  16. so exited
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