The Wedding of Zac & Kristy | October 07, 2010

I love this sweet and stylish reception for Zac & Kristy's wedding set in Red Hill, Victoria.

Isn't this reception space beautiful? Styling is by the talented Georgie Kay of Georgeous.

Love the rustic feel and use of white flowers and greenery.

These trees look so magical...

I adore this wonderfully composed shot of the three little girls... Stunning photography by Jonathan Ong.

You can see even more pics of this beautiful wedding on Jonathan's blog. There's even a cute slideshow.

{ Photography by Jonathan Ong }

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  1. I love the first pictures with those lights! and the dress is lovely!
  2. Wow, so rustic, so cosy, so full of love - what a scrumptious wedding :-) x x
  3. Such a lovely wedding. So warm and rich. Simply beautiful.
  4. How divine! I'm swooning!
  5. Flowers in paper bags, flowers in jam jars, flowers crammed all down the table - this looks stunning! Rustic but elegant - just beautiful.
  6. Justine | Oct 12, 2010
    We were at this wedding and it was a magical as the photos show it to be. The little girls were just gorgeous.
  7. We LOVE this so much! Thanks for sharing it. :) xo
  8. Emily | Nov 8, 2012
    Was at this wedding I am the girl in the middle of the three girl's next to the party sign. It was my aunty getting married. Best wedding I have been to eva.
  9. Melissa | Jan 31, 2015
    What a beautiful wedding! May I ask where this amazing venue is in Red Hill? :)
  10. so Great job good lovely design you are no1 in the field
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