The Woodsfolk | March 14, 2013

So, after spotting a brand new Melbourne shop over on The Design Files today and appropriately salivating over the gorgeous pics, I made a mad dash over to Hawthorn to check it out. It ticked all my boxes- Bright, whimsical and colourful with cutesy homewares and knick-knacks and a logo to-die-for. PLUS they stocked an item that I desperately wanted- A retro style label maker by Motex with pretty neon coloured tape.

The Woodsfolk truly was a retail wonderland. Of course I couldn't resist picking up some goodies while I was there (although, I could have bought the whole shop!) They packaged up my buys beautifully and it was such a delight to unwrap it when I got home. You can see the cute package and some of my purchases on my Instagram... 

If you haven't already, check out some gorgeous pics of The Woodsfolk over at The Design Files...

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  1. super adorable! thanks for featuring this!
  2. Wishing I lived in Australia SO bad right now. xx
  3. Leyla | Mar 19, 2013
    I was just wondering how much the label maker costs - I don't live so close to Hawthorn, and I want to know whether it's worth my while to drag my sister there and (subtly) hint for her to buy it for my upcoming birthday :) Thanks
  4. Leyla | Mar 19, 2013
    Whoops! I just went onto the page and realised the website has the price on it!
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