Toast | March 12, 2010

Some sweet finds in the Spring/Summer 2010 House & Home catalogue at Toast. I especially love their bedlinen.

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  1. I love the colours of the beds! Wonderful atmosphere for a nice siesta in the spring! :)
  2. I second that siesta idea!

    Charlotte xx
  3. such dreamy photos!
    We LOVE your blog here over at Mary & Gabrielle Events and find such great inspiration in your work. Its so nice to see creative Australian's setting their place in the blog scene.

  4. I am still so in love with that first bedroom. It's like a picnic on your bed!
  5. Love the clay oven. Great pics!
    Lila Ferraro
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  6. Golly - these pictures are so dreamy!
  7. Matilda Beezley | Mar 17, 2010
    Love it. I want a siesta now. I have always wanted a canopy over my bed, this just looks so simple and effective.
  8. Hi, just found your blog, I like it here :) I will coming again! The pictures are so nice and summer like, open, airy, fresh. Nice. Thanks & regards, Anna (Around My Table)
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