Too Fruity! | November 06, 2013

Neon pink stitching, bright and colourful paintstrokes, pvc covering, hot pink lining, velcro closure... when I saw this beauty by Tiff Manuell at Crate Expectations in Malvern today, I snapped it right up. Well, that's not true... I did spend some time umming and ahhing over which of her multitude of gorgeous clutches to buy!

You can check out some of her other goodies in her online shop. If you're in Melbourne, make sure to venture down to Crate Expectations and take a peek.

Now, to master the art of print clashing....

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  1. Just discover her bright & colourful clutches ! Love them all ! You are right, it's übber difficult to choose...Thank you ;)
  2. so fun! i love the bright colors. xo jillian - <a href="">cornflake dreams</a>
  3. :Oso pretty!!!!!!!!! Love it ?

  4. Tiffany | Nov 6, 2013
    Omg I love thatnecklace even more!! Lol
  5. Okay, this is just adorable!
    xx, Angelica
  6. Aha! definitely worth the trip to Malvern! So lovely to meet up yesterday! xx
  7. Hi Danie- it was awesome meeting up with you too! :)
  8. cuteness overload!

    <a href=""; title="What Kenny Hearts">What Kenny Hearts</a>, a <a href=""; title="Lifestyle Blog">Lifestyle Blog</a> by Kenny.
  9. Wow, what a great shape and fun burst of color! The way she made her logo is crazy cute, too. Thanks for sharing! :)
  10. Waouh, beautiful !!!
  11. Ooooh! So graphic!
  12. Omg I love it! The colours are brilliant!
  13. Ito | Feb 6, 2014
    Luv the clutch! Luv the necklace even more. Where is that necklace from?
  14. a good one!!.. must say!.. thnks for sharing!!
    have a look here!!

    :) loved it! it was very awesome!!
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  26. LAINE | Jul 26, 2017
    I love all the little details. And yes, those scissors are to die for!!
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