Triangular Mugs by Sonodesign | December 08, 2011

Pretty mugs with pretty triangles in pretty colours. By Sonodesign

{ via carnival }

posted under: Gift Ideas, Home Décor, Tableware


  1. Oh theses are so lovely ! I wish i have one for christmas :)
  2. They look perfect for hot chocolate drinking...I don't know why, that was just my first thought ;)
  3. These are so fun! Great way to brighten up your morning coffee!
  4. I love these colors. You can never have too many pretty mugs! They would be great to have around for an afternoon brunch with friends.
  5. I literally gasped in love when I saw these - I absolutely adore the design!

    Amy, your blog is such an inspiration! I've been looking at your site a lot for university projects and general love!
  6. I love the third one.
    It is wonderful.
    And I love your blog.
  7. Oh, I love these cups! They'd look fantastic in a pristine white kitchen, hanging from some hooks.
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