Two Beautiful Shops... | June 17, 2013

Recently I stumbled upon a couple of beautiful online shops...

Trish and co. (shown above) has a current collection that is inspired by "The curious gardener" and consists of lovely botanical themed wares.

Olive Manna is actually an old favourite of mine. I haven't visited in awhile and was surprised to find lots of pretty new things like this gorgeous fabric rope and barkboard.

Someone needs to stop me from this, recently developed, online shopping addiction.

{ photos from their respective websites }

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  1. When I'm bored of university assignments, I go online shopping too! It's hopelessly addictive, though, so don't try to find a cure ; )
  2. These shops are adorable! Great selection.
  3. Such gorgeous shops - I adore that barkboard by Olive Manna.

    Definitely adding it to my 'purchase' list for this month..!

  4. Oooh I love introductions to new shops. These too look incredible! Thanks Amy!
  5. Thank you, Amy! I'm a great fan of Olive Manna too, and delighted to be featured alongside her lovely shop. :)
  6. What awesome products, makes for a unique wedding,
  7. Oh wow, that swiss moss fern board is gorgeous! And such lovely bits and bobs in Olive Manna. Thanks for sharing these!
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