Two Degrees- Stamp Sets | December 07, 2009

Spotted at the Melbourne Design Market over the weekend- Lovely rubber stamp sets to create your own landscape imagery! Hand-crafted in Melbourne by Two Degrees. Love the use of distinctive Aussie landscapes. Would make a very unique gift this Christmas and would even be great for making your own Christmas cards or decorating gift wrap.

posted under: Christmas, Gift Ideas, Kids, Melbourne Chic


  1. This stamp set so lovely! Those fish are adorable.
  2. Oh this looks so beautiful, going to go take a look now.

    P.s did you know Eat Drink Chic is mentioned in Inside Out magazine this month? Under 'stationery blogs we're loving'.

  3. Jessie- omg really? I had no idea! I'll have to grab a copy!! Thanks for letting me know :)
  4. Thanks so much for the post and the lovely comments, as our first project it's great to get so much positive feedback.
  5. have a nice plane
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