Typography that makes me smile | November 12, 2010

Top:  'Wonderland' font created with felt tip pens by Eve Duhamel for Fontself

Bottom: 'Tie-pography' created by Ed Nacional. Cards available in his shop!

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  1. I'm in love with that tie card. I think I shall buy it and frame it for my shopaholic husband who always tells me that he 'needs' more shirts.

    Thanks for the cute ideas!

  2. I love it. Quirky and cute.
  3. Love these! So imaginative!
  4. Isabelle | Nov 14, 2010
    I love John Lennon + your website
  5. One of my best friends is a graphic designer and I'd love to get her a coffee table book about logo design or typography for Christmas. Do you know of any good titles I could find?
  6. Hi Amber,

    One of my favourite design books is:

    The Handy Book of Artistic Printing.

    It's not specically typography but it has some fantastic samples of vintage type and designs.

    I used it for inspiration on this project: http://www.eatdrinkchic.com/post.cfm/free-labels-oil-vinegar-bottle-wooden-box-vintage-style


    I also really love:

    Hand Job: A Catalog of Type

    Has some great samples of hand-drawn type.


    This book also looks pretty cool:

    New Vintage Type

    I hope I've been helpful :)
  7. Made me smile too, thanks!
  8. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
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