UNELEFANTE | June 04, 2014

So I only stumbled upon UNELEFANTE very recently and had to make note of it on le blog. I am completely in love with their art-inspired chocolate bars made in collaboration with Chef Jorge Llanderal. They also have a wonderful collection of other colourful Mexican made goodies to check out.

The chocolate bars would make such great treats for an art-themed party, doncha think? 

{ photos from UNELEFANTE website }

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  1. They're so gorgeous! If I had the restraint I'd frame them on my walls to brighten up my room at uni xxx
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  2. Love these bars. I definitely would give them as gifts - to people and myself :)
  3. Oh, it's incredible they really are chocolate bars! They look so beautiful! I should definitely find them asap!!
  4. Those chocolate bars! I'm dying!
  5. These are amazing! Except all I would want to do is frame them and hang them up instead of eat them!
  6. Karina LErma | Jun 26, 2014
    Wow I love it, that place is near my house, their interior design is excellent. ohh and the balloons to die for.
  7. caro alz | Jun 27, 2014
    goosh ,. so cute ! "anelephant" in english. a mexican guy who is super cool! that is so cuuuuuuuuuuute ! thank you amy. i still love the mini holiday bonbons you uploaded lke two years ago
  8. Many thanks for the post! Lots of love from Mexico.
  9. Looks tasty)) I think i will choose something like this too
  10. color and what we can do, some inspiration as well as what's offered. Impressive.
  11. Very nice, i like it and need
  12. Absolutely love them! Obsessed with round balloons and they do them so well. Thanks for sharing
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