D.I.Y Vintage Apothecary Bottles - Free Labels | June 15, 2009

Apothecary Bottles

Inspired by vintage apothecary labels, I designed my own decorative labels for these beautiful glass bottles from Ikea. ($16.95 AUD for pack of 3). I've supplied free templates of these labels for you to download.

Apothecary Bottles


Instructions:  Print out onto glossy white stock and cut around the edge of the labels. To stick them onto the bottles, I've used double-sided tape.

Apothecary Bottles

These bottles can even be used as flower vases as part of table centerpieces.

Apothecary Bottles

They also look stunning displayed with backlight from a window.

(all photos by amy moss)

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  1. Steven | Jun 15, 2009
    Wow these are really really cool! I wonder how they would look with wooden corks?
  2. Great idea! Wooden corks would probably create a more authentic vintage feel.
  3. These look gorgeous!
  4. I always eye up these bottles when I go to Ikea. Love the idea!
  5. HAHAHAHAH oh my gosh.

    I was just literally typing "I always eye up those bottles big time at Ikea" and then saw someone else already said it. I then realized that person was Beth. Maybe the fact that we go to Ikea together and eye those bottles up together has something to do with it.

    Now that you've made these beautiful labels, I think we have an excuse to actually buy them. You in, Beth?

    Thanks for the printable labels!
  6. I have to admit that I think I came up with this idea just so I had an excuse to buy those bottles too! :)
  7. These are so great! I bought those bottles last year and LOVE them, thank you so much!
  8. LOVE these!
  9. Thanks for the download. They are PARFAIT in every way. Plan on using them on a craft project.
    Bises, D
  10. No probs. So happy to hear that they're being put to good use :)
  11. This is such a cute idea :)! Definitely affordable too.
  12. These glass bottles are fantastic - i love the blues and greens - i'm heading to IKEA now! The labels polish them up so nicely too!
  13. Oh, I love them, thanks very much!
  14. Thank you so much for the free labels -They are so wonderful.I am actually thinking about putting them on some bottles that I canned.
  15. meghan | Jul 26, 2009
  16. Angel | Aug 6, 2009
    Awesome! I will totally print these on full sheets of label stock and use an exacto to (painstakingly) cut them out. Superb!
  17. absolutely love these been searching the net for some!!
  18. Randy Hanson | Aug 16, 2009
    Hey, what are the fonts used? I see one looks like "Currency" which is the engravers font, but the other sharp sans serif used all over the LOTION label--what is that one? Actually, what are they all? ;-) I am putting these on my custom syrups, tonic (yes, I actually made an herbal tonic) and other cocktail necessities. I can't wait to customize!
  19. Those are brilliant, don't have a use for them right now but inspired enough to go and find something I could use these one. Maybe get some vintage looking containers.
  20. Randy- Fonts used on my labels include "Mouse Deco"- which is the sans serif font for the LOTION label. "EcuyerDAX", "Masquerade" "Bosox" and "Cherboygan". If memory serves, I believe I got all of these fonts from http://www.dafont.com/.

    Thanks to all for the lovely comments!
  21. These bottles and labels are absolutely beautiful. I came across this page while looking for examples of vintage apothecary labels, which I would like to mimic for a school project.

    I was also wondering where to find some nice bottles to use, and will try IKEA.

    Thanks very much for the added inspiration! :)
  22. Michelle | Oct 20, 2009
    Hi Amy,

    I love your labels. I see that they're not available for commercial use..
    I'm actually looking for some sort of label template or DIY label program (that's easy for non-graphic artists) to use for homemade products I make. I wanted to take a stab at trying to sell some of them.
    Do you have any ideas on where I could find something like that?
    Thank you so much!
  23. Rebeccal Hall | Jan 10, 2010
    Hi Amy,

    I just wanted to know whether you can provide the actual border for the labels that are blank? In particular the Tonic label?

    Would love to customise the label but I just can't seem to find a blank label template with just the border shape.

    Thank you!
  24. Oh my, here I am coveting your bottles and you got them from IKEA! I go there all the time...how did I not see these? :)

    Thanks so much for the labels. They're wonderful!
  25. Erica,
    I had trouble finding them too, but I eventually realized that they were not in the marketplace area like I expected. At my IKEA they were tucked into a corner near the bathroom showroom stuff. Some of the bottles are sold with a soap pumper and a soap dish, so I guess that makes sense.
  26. these are just beautiful! i'm hunting for labels to put on these ikea white porcelain jars:
    something rustic would be so perfect! any ideas? will use all your labels as inspiration, but i probably won't be able to come up with something i'll like enough!
  27. Hi Amy, thanks for the inspirations!!! I LOVE THIS

    I mentioned your name and ur site on my blog..hope u dont mind =) free free to visit.


    Used ur pictures but linked it back to here. Have a good day!
  28. Khrystle | Aug 10, 2010
    VERY nice photography, Amy! I really love your eye for design and lighting! Nice simple, tasteful site too! Thank you for sharing your talent and finds!
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  30. I love these labels! I have been looking everywhere for apothecary style bottles with this kind of label and -- here is the fly in the ointment -- a foamer pump, for hand soap on all our sinks at home. I just couldn't find it, after HOURS of searching. So I did find a simple clear (wish it were amber ) bottle, similar to a Boston style bottle, then I figured maybe I could find some labels to give it the look. And I bumped across your site! Thanks -- I am so excited to have found what I want, albeit piecemeal. Maybe there is a website idea there -- retro packaging and labels for today's products! I know there are plenty of people out there that love the look.

    Thanks again, Susan
  31. Natalie | Nov 9, 2010
    Thank you for posting the font's...that is really going to help me with a project I am working on. I was looking for labels, and like the others commenting here really loved what you had put together...but I need labels for specialty sea salts that I am giving as gifts so while the look works, the wording doesn't. I'm going to use your layouts as a starting point, and hunt up some of the fonts used so I can create similar labels. Just adding my thanks to all the others for sharing this!
  32. what a great idea!!!!! i have the bottles already and i was wondering if i should throw them, but now i will not of course- so beautiful!
  33. This is really lovely!
  34. Mika | Feb 23, 2011
    Hi, can I buy those bottles?

    Thank you

  35. Love these...can't wait to try them out..FABULOUS..Cheers
  36. Love your labels, and everything else on here you are one talented little individual, many thanks x
  37. marceline | Jul 8, 2011
    these are beautiful, but what if you wanted to use them as labels for homemade vinegars, honeys, body scrubs, toners, etc? is there a way to make these labels waterproof (and laminating isn't waterproof...i've tried it lol)?
  38. nice posting i appreciate it
  39. Love this idea! (nice designs)

    Instead of double stick tape, could you use glossy waterproof (inkjet) labels like this: http://www.onlinelabels.com/OL177.htm? Then cut out the design?
  40. Thank you SO much! I downloaded these! ?
  41. What remarkable post! Print out onto glossy white stock and cut around the edge of the labels. To stick them onto the bottles, I've used double-sided tape.
  42. Just went wild at Ikea yesterday! I use the Xyron "Create a Sticker" for labels I print onto "antiqued" or vintage papers...just in time for the holidays! Thanks for the templates!!!
  43. Taylor | Dec 7, 2011
    Love the bottles. Does anyone know about how many ounces they hold? Thanks!
  44. These look wonderful. Thanks for the free template and the beautiful photographs.
  45. Stefanie | Jan 13, 2012
    Love the labels! I just made a whole line of facial products for my daughters for Christmas (albeit late)and need labels! An idea: Office Depot sells 8.5 X 11 full sheet white labels. You can print these on them, cut them out, and have a sticky back!
  46. Your little bottles are so pretty and thanks for the download! I've got this linked to my glass bottles post too today, for inspiration!
  47. Kacie | Jan 25, 2012
    I used these for spice jars! http://pinterest.com/pin/287667494918075618/
  48. Elaine | Mar 4, 2012
    Brilliant. Thank you for sharing this, I love them and can put them to a number of uses. I will post the results (eventually).

    I think they would make fantastic tags as well as labels too.
  49. bev | Mar 21, 2012
    would love to subscribe to this blog
  50. Thanks for posting this! Wonderful design.
  51. Found your bottles and labels through Twigg Studios. Love 'em!
  52. Your blog is soooo cute and creative and useful!!! I've downloaded these for my bathroom accessories and adapted them!!!:D Will send a blog post later when I upload them. Thanks!!!
  53. Jen | Jul 28, 2012
    Very nice. thanks for sharing!
  54. Kristi | Aug 18, 2012
    What am I doing wrong? I download and it goes to adobe but I can't change anything.
  55. thanks
  56. scrpkat | Nov 10, 2012
    thanks for sharing :D
  57. Molli Von Trapp | Nov 28, 2012
    These are so cute! My husband and I have a stand at our local farmers market and I want to do new <a href="http://montepkg.com/shop.asp?CatAbbr=LB">produce labels</a> new year. This is a great template. Thanks for sharing!
  58. natalie | Dec 5, 2012
    Thanks for sharing such creative ideas. These are just fantastic. Do you have a printable that I can change the words?
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  64. Sherie Rodrigues | Dec 25, 2012
    thankyou for sharing. i don't even know if i will ever use your labels but i wanted to share in the joy you have for your beautiful labels and your sharing with us. i hope you are having a lovely Christmas
  65. hmmm pretty awesome!
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  69. ThePhillyKind | Mar 11, 2013
    Is there anyway you can make these templates editable? I'd love to be able to put vintage labels on my bitters and flavored extract bottles on my bar.
  70. Linda Martin Prasetyo | May 4, 2013
    Dear Amy, your works just very astonishing! I love it! Thanks for the free download! I'll use it for my name card, thank you so much!!
  71. Hi Amy, I have linked to this on my facebook. Love everything you do!
  72. Thank you so much - these are perfect!! :)
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  74. Jes | Apr 18, 2014
    hi amy, i really love your labels, but want to use them for other stuff. is it possible for you to send me the soft non-pdf copy so i can edit the names? thank you so much in advance. i really love your work :)
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  76. Gracias!~
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  80. Hi, Amy.

    These are absolutely superb and exactly what one imagines would have been the style used. I'd like to ask what is the graphic/shape used to create the boundary lines above and below the word SYRUP?

  81. Georgia | Jul 10, 2014
    Ohh I'm digging up an old post here n.n

    I found this while looking for "Eat Me" print outs that I could stick to toothpicks for an Alice in Wonderland themed party I'm hosting soon

    I loved these labels so much (I hope you don't mind), I took them to photoshop and customized these to say "Eat Me". I love them so much, thank you for putting such awesome content up!
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  95. Lisa Hawkins | Nov 24, 2014
    Would you consider selling your labels, I don't have a printer and I LOVE this look. I'm working on a French Shabby Chic kitchen remodel and I have some bottles that the labels would look amazing on!
  96. Hi,
    I LOVE these! very creative, I'm going to be launching a new incense range soon I'd love an incense label?

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