Vintage Button Push Pins... | March 20, 2012

...from Present and Correct. Cute.

posted under: Gift Ideas, Stationery, Vintage Style


  1. Ohh they are so cool! I want them!!!
  2. Oh I love these! A way to brighten up my cork board!
  3. Ebony W | Mar 21, 2012
    So cute! I've seen jewellery made from buttons but I'd never have thought of something so simple and lovely as this! <3
  4. They are so cute! And I don't even have a pinboard..
  5. So sweet - and such gorgeous colours! You blog is absolutely delightful.
  6. These would be so perfect for the inspiration board in my office...the perfect little touch of whimsy!

    <3 Kate
  7. what a good much nicer than those horrible little plastic ones
  8. so much more charming than a pint*r*st !!!
  9. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I LOVE these. So perfect for Mother's Day.
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