Vintage Striped Straws | October 07, 2009

How inspiring are these photos of vintage striped straws! By Hungrygirl. Via Parcel Post. Love their look in combination with milk bottles!

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  1. These are too beautiful! They would be fabulous in a vintage wedding with a soda pop bar!
  2. Those straws would instantly enhance any beverage! So cute.
  3. lovely! I just disoovered your blog and I'm obsessed! love it!
  4. cute! my mom told me about some drinking straws back in the 50's that had a little flavoring in them so when you drank the milk, you'd get flavored milk! these straws reminded me of that.
  5. Really cute. *-*
    I like it very much !
  6. Hi All -

    Those grey straws aren't actually vintage - but they are made by a company called Kikkerland. It is entirely possible that Urban Outfitters is still carrying them.

    *Also - small paper stores and museum shops have been carrying them for ages.

  7. Mel | Aug 10, 2010 killed the vibe...
  8. Nice to share Thanks for sharing
    so cute
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