Vintage style fridges | January 17, 2012

Above is a collection of vintage style refrigerators from Big Chill, Gorenje and Smeg.

We're currently on the hunt for a new fridge and would love one of these beauties to brighten up our kitchen. Unfortunately, Smeg appears to be the only brand available in Australia and both of their models are too small for our needs. *sigh*

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  1. This is so timely as I was just in the kitchen looking at the big hulking black fridge we inherited with our house and thinking I would get online and look at vintage style ones more appropriate in size and style for our house!
  2. Im in love with a pink Smeg <3
  3. I just came back from a weekend in Edinburgh - the apartment where we stayed had a cream colored Smeg and it was really lovely. Although, as you mention it, a little on the small side. I think I'd choose one in a minty green :)
  4. Kerry | Jan 18, 2012
    Ive wanted a Smeg ever since I bought my own house, but after extensive research it turns out there not without faults. I was advised to stay well clear. :0(
  5. oh my, when i first read the title (before opening your post) i read "vintage fries"...i thought, now what could vintage fries taste like?? :) but going on to read this i realized my mistake. what gorgeous fridges these are! i know a number of people who would die to get one of these in their kitchen!
  6. Have you looked at Northstar appliances? Here's a link to their catalog. I dream of remodeling my kitchen with these!
  7. buy two!
  8. I kind of want the orange one. Like a lot
  9. Jen- thanks for letting me know about Northstar- I missed those! I will have to check whether they're available in Oz.

    Emily- I had my eye on the minty green Smeg also! :)
  10. I've seen those Smeg ones and they are quite small. So disappointing, because I'd love a retro styled fridge too, but it would definitely have to be a bigger one!
  11. hihi ok first of all I was surprised when I saw the name "Gorenje" :) They are well known but its still good to see, that people worldwide know it!
    You know, we`re such a small country so it`s pretty hard to compete with the "big wales" out there. :)
    and their fridges are cool! p.s. love the orange one!
  12. I do love the red one ! and the last one ! Smeg.
    So retro and funky :)
  13. Omg are beautiful!! my favorite is the red one <3
  14. would love to have one in my home! :)
  15. what i wouldn't give...
  16. I LOVE vintage refrigerators. I had an aqua blue one in my first apartment after college...I wish I could have taken it with me when I moved out.
  17. I'm lusting over one (have been for a LONG time). Why won't my fridge die?!!
  18. I do like a retro and colourful kitchen. Good luck with finding one for yours.x
  19. god i love them! such amazing things!
  20. someday...:) These are beauties!
  21. I am so happy that you also noted Gorenje... small brand from Slovenia, Europe. My countrey! :D
  22. Debs | Feb 3, 2012
    I too lusted after a SMEG fridge and as we have recently bought a house, i lept at the chance to buy one. My partner loves them too. However after reading some reviews on line, i would never buy one!! i didn't read one good review, which is such a shame because they look so lovely. seems like not a matter of if, but when something busts on them. :(
  23. I need a fridge like that, they are so cool
  24. love love love
  25. i would love to own one of these refridgerators, but i'm unsure if they are availiable in south africa
  26. we love retro fridges by Smeg. Thats the original and in our eyes one of the best.
  27. Debs | Dec 13, 2012
    Just a shame the inside and mechanics are crap when the outside is so lovely
  28. Cynthia Jones | Jan 1, 2013
    I have read that the Smeg model has flimsy shelving. I contacted Gorenje and their representative told me they are going to begin retailing their vintage style fridge in Australia this year.
  29. I have a smeg fridge and separate smeg freezer...they are awesome! Had them both for almost 2 years without any problems. Would highly recommend, and they look stunning.
  30. Tim | Feb 27, 2013
    I'm also looking for a fridge and was looking at Smeg since they are nice-looking. But consumer reviews indicate that the functional quality is often not at the same level as the look, far from it. Clearly not everyone's experience (see Jane's comment above), but still, given how expensive they are it's worth thinking about... have a look through the 20 reviews here by owners before you fork out:
  31. vicki I have owned a large size retro smeg
    Fridge cream in colour (you only can get
    Silver or cream in the FAB40 style) for
    Six years and she died a month ago the
    guy that came out says it wasn't worth repairing and there nothing but trouble
    When my husband ordered it for me I was so excited it took three fridges later to finally get one that worked there was always something wrong .I would love to own another retro as they make a statement everyone just loved the look maybe Australia might get in another brand one day .stay away from Smeg
  32. Hi There,
    We too struggled to find something available in Australia, so we ended up buying a plain white standalone fridge in the right size, took off the ugly plastic handles, took it to a spray painter who painted the whole fridge cream (like the gorenje one pictured), then ordered a smeg fridge handle and got that put onto it.
    It was a bit of work, but well worth the effort! It was larger, and much cheaper than buying a smeg one! Plus, the best thing, it looked amazing!
  33. I also own a small Smeg, have had it for almost 3 years with no problems at all. As far as the size, I think mine is fine for one or 2 people. I do eat a lot less frozen foods, but that is a good thing! I would thing the larger model would be fine for a couple of small family. You might be surprised at how much you don't need and how much space is wasted in a bigger fridge...
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