Vipers Bugloss Honey | May 11, 2010

A few key things happened after I got married.

A change of title from Miss to Mrs, an update to 'married' on my facebook status, a brief pondering of what will become of my now redundant 'I heart my boyfriend' t-shirt, and the strangest of all-  a sudden and inexplicable explosion of sweet and sugary foods in my diet.

I kid you not, the day immediately after the wedding, it was sugar overload.

Although I've heard of the phenomenon, I've always thought myself immune to the seductive advances of the 'I can finally let myself go now that I'm married' club but, seriously, what other explanation can there be?

This sunny Tuesday afternoon I succumbed to the temptation of delicious honey from New Zealand brand J. Friend and Co. which I acquired during a Saturday shopping trip to Simon Johnson. I was drawn to the pretty packaging and interesting varieties with odd little names like 'Vipers Bugloss' that I struggle to pronounce. The poetic description on the back reads 'light pollen and floral notes with a distinctive vanilla taste'. Sounds good right? Well, boy is it ever. It can be eaten straight from the jar. No need for useless intermediary items like toast or crackers... or a spoon. Nuh-uh.

However, I can't go past the combination of honey and lemon tea. One of my faves.

For a less conventional serving suggestion (that I discovered only just today) -place a generous dollop of honey directly onto a slice of lemon and enjoy. Where has this concept been my whole life?

{ photos by amy moss }

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  1. Oh my, oh my! That looks SO decadent & wonderful.

    & the lemon with honey idea- awesome! I agree, why did I never think of that before!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I thought I was immune to that as well! No sir, as soon as my boyfriend and I moved in together it was treats, treats, treats all the time...he of course can indulge with no repercussions.

    Thanks for the honey treat tip!

  3. That honey looks amazing and all the descriptions are making my mouth water. I just might have to order a jar...or 5.
  4. well, i have never heard of this phenomena... how interesting. regardless, that honey looks awesome and delicious. i too would have been drawn in by the lovely packaging and tempting description!
  5. Looks great! My new favorite thing is mixing honey and plain non-fat Greek yogurt for a delicious, healthy snack. Can't go wrong with that.
  6. Love your story about sweets... maybe it is because you are living a very sweet life! have a nice one!
  7. I, too, love honey in yogurt, but my new yogurt of choice is aussie style. If you can find it, try it. So good! Honey by itself is lovely too, and this post makes me want to buy a jar for myself! Yum!
  8. I love those photos
  9. DROOL. Oh my. I have such a thing for honey at the moment. On toast, with lots of butter all melty and amazing. On a lemon sounds BRILLIANT! *s*
  10. oh, i love honey and lemon tea, too. every since i was a kid. <3
  11. Oh.. my.. that's so yummy! it's mouth watering!
  12. Seo Young | Sep 16, 2010
    I think your blog is beautiful :)! Can I ask where you got the background fabric from?
  13. Hi Seo- I actually got the fabric locally from Chapel St Bazaar where they have some great vintage finds. I think it may have been a bedsheet, but I'm not sure! :)
  14. Jen | Sep 7, 2011
    This honey looks stunning! Inspired by Donna Hay, I drizzle honey over walnuts. Is gorgeous on a cheese platter.
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