Wall of Coloured Envelopes | July 16, 2010

Cute installation by Cheree Berry Paper for Kate Spade New York that appeals to my obsession for stationery and love of colours. More behind the scenes pics here.

{ Photos from Kate Spade website }

posted under: Stationery


  1. this post is killing me with its beauteousness!
  2. LOVE this.
  3. Oh gawd I love Kate Spade! This just reaffirms it.
  4. Your website is always so beautiful, starting with the fonts and colors you use and the beautiful posts. Thank you so much! I always look forward to your latest posts. It really makes my day. The pictures are always so inspiring and make me daydream of beautiful places where kind hearted people pass out chocolate chip scones and tea with a smile.
  5. What an awesome idea! I'd love to do something like this on a wall at home.



  6. What a wonderful idea to colour up a store wall! It'd be really cool if people were allowed to leave messages in the envelopes, to be read by random strangers.

    Jetsetting Joyce
  7. Very fun and even more fun to find things inside!
  8. what a beautiful way to display stationary ! !
  9. Beautiful!!
  10. so cheery!! :D gorgeous
  11. nice!
  12. Oh my goodness what an amazing installation - wishing I could think of some useful reason to replicate it at home, and coming up short.

    Thanks for sharing!
  13. This looks fab. Love the strong colours.
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