Wayne Pate Totes | February 21, 2012

Tote-al cuteness. Wayne Pate totes from Chance.

posted under: Fashion, Gift Ideas


  1. The yellow one is so HAPPY!
  2. thay are great, love the colors used
  3. What an adorable store - puts me in a summer type of mood
  4. Lovely,colorful totes!
  5. So cute! Can not wait till summer!
  6. Really sweet! So much fun.
  7. one of these would be great to keep folded up in your purse for an impromptu grocery run!

    <3 Kate
  8. I love these totes... and the online store is absolutely GORGEOUS... So glad to have found out about that! Love reading your postsxx
  9. Oh lovely! Always love totes. They're simple but beautiful :)
  10. These make a GREAT gift!!!
  11. J'ADOREEE :)!!
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