Weekend Projects | September 21, 2012

The weekend is almost upon us and the first project for me to tackle is catching up on some much-needed sleep! I've recently found myself trapped in a ridiculous little ritual. Each morning at some dark, god-forsaken hour, I wake to an onslaught of thoughts and project ideas for this blog and for our home.... It then takes me hours to get back to sleep.

Speaking of ideas, I recently came up with this cute and simple little DIY project... 

Believe me, nobody hates the idea of hacking up magazines more than I do but there is so much seriously beautiful photography going on in cooking mags these days (the rustic textures, the vibrant colours, the scrummy styling...) that I thought it would be great to turn fragments of these images into gift tags. Or, perhaps more fittingly, tags to attach to cutlery for table-setting decorations. 

Cut out some visually interesting segments from your magazine (in a uniform size), then stick them onto thick kraft card and cut to size. Punch a hole at the top and attach some twine. Voila.

I find the best mags are the ones that use thick, rough-textured, matte stock. Jamie Magazine is a great example.

Of course, If you're super lazy like me and don't mind spending a little extra money on the project, you can cheat and get these awesome heavy-weight kraft tags and just stick the magazine cuttings directly onto them.

Oh, and if you really hate the idea of hacking up your mag, just buy a second copy to keep!

There's a weekend project for ya.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend. Apart from catching up on sleep and tackling some decorating projects I'm also intent on spending some quality time with Sukie in our (newly tidied up) backyard. She has a new toy that has actually survived an entire week. It's still fully intact and functioning. We're so proud. 

Happy Friday! xo

{ photos by Amy Moss }

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  1. Very pretty tags :)
  2. I love that idea of using magazine cut outs! So cute and makes a pretty presentation!
  3. Love this-- such a cute, easy project idea!!
  4. Best post!
  5. this is a lovely idea~ the tags look great!
  6. daisy | Sep 23, 2012
    your blog is lovely! I always get a lot of ideias from you! :)

    this time I was wondering where did you get this amazing pillow cases from! I just loved them(they remember me a lot of van gogh's "almond blossom" painting). If by any chance you remember where you bought them, I would love to know!
  7. Abbie | Sep 23, 2012
    I use magazine cut outs all of the time to make price tags when I do various markets. I LOVE the idea of using food tags for utensils :) Great for a dinner party!
  8. i love it! the tag idea is great, thanks for sharing
  9. Its such a conundrum, I hate to hack a beautiful magazine, but you are so right, the photos in a mag like Jamie's are too good to be hidden away - this is a really cute way to use, thx for the inspiration
  10. What a sweet blog, this is so lovely. and such a cute DIY, love that I idea for making gift tags too for the holidays :)

    Two Leaf Clover
  11. Hi Daisy- the pillowcases were bought in a set which included a matching duvet cover. I believe they were bought locally from "Bed Bath n' Table- The Works" in Hawthorn, Melbourne.
  12. Fantastic idea! I was scrounging about for a card today and stuck a bit of wrapping paper onto a matchbox to use as a tag. I see the next rainy day as an opportunity to make tags!
  13. Great Idea!
    I am doing this project this weekend, never too late! The holidays are coming and these are just the perfect addition to the recycled gift wrapping that we do around here :)
  14. Daisy | Oct 5, 2012
    Many thanks, Amy! :D
  15. steph | Oct 15, 2012
    I love the fork and spoon you attached the tag to! Any chance you remember where you got them? I feel a Christmas idea coming on. :) Thanks for any help!
  16. i love those pillow cases!great site,so refreshing.Love it!
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