Where one of a kind gifts come from... | November 15, 2013

I'm really thrilled to announce that I've been invited to be one of the 'tastemakers' on Etsy's 'Pages' program! I have recently started my very own curation of favourite finds- just in time for the Holiday season! Be sure to check out my Etsy page for some great gift ideas and follow my page as I continue to share my finds. Also check out this cute Holiday video above from the Etsy team!

Have a great weekend folks! :)

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  1. very fun! i LOVE etsy. xo jillian - <a href="http://www.cornflakedreams.com">cornflake dreams</a>
  2. I just ordered a lovely Chochave vessel from your Holiday Gift Guide, so thank you for the great picks! Your taste is superb!
  3. This is just what i needed, i haven't got any idea what to get my family this year so this will be extremely helpful!
  4. Congratulations !
    I often speak of your creations on my blog. I love your world!


    "Journal d'une fouineuse" (Diary of a nosy).

    PS : I am French: sorry for my bad english!
  5. I love Etsy! I think a large majority of my gift-buying will be handmade creations this year! Gotta support the artists and makers!
    Lauren M.
  6. WOW! LOVE IT!
    Fantastic video!

    My etsy shop:

  7. Amazing video! Love it
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