Where the Pretty Things Come From... | October 09, 2014

I make a lousy house-wife.

I have a very limited repertoire of dishes that I can cook and invest very little time in improving my culinary skills.

Also, I think I'm allergic to manual labour. Whenever I clean the house I fly into a tiny rage that elicits a stream of unladylike cursing and a tendency to snap at unfortunate bystanders.

We have no children (bar a fur-child). In fact, having a child seems like the scariest thing in the world to me and I often wonder what all the fuss is about.

Instead, I spend my days obsessively nurturing a slightly unorthodox lifestyle- one where I provide a kind of nourishment through art and design rather than homemade lasagne. I litter our home with colourful and, oftentimes, childish knick knacks and plan the aesthetics of dinner parties with infinitesimal detail.

I struggle daily with trying to eke a living from a creative existence. And in the process, I've converted our living/dining room into, what appears to be, a messy snapshot of my brain. Piles of colourful props and remnants of paper, twine, glitter and sequins are constantly scattered across our dining table. Bright pink IKEA boxes line the walls in my attempt to curb the ever-expanding chaos.

And yet, despite lacklustre domestic skills, the ostensibly frivolous nature of my interests and a creative anarchy that threatens to consume us whole, my husband still loves me (!) and seems genuinely in awe of what I do. He says I make this house a home, albeit, in my own peculiar way.

For me, collecting, composing and making pretty things is the only truly successful way I've learned how to communicate myself to the world. Where others are articulate, social creatures who use themselves as a canvas to express their art, I prefer to hide behind these things that I make. It's just who I am, and with all the faults and limitations it presents in the real world, I am slowly learning to accept and even embrace it. 

I seem to be creating this home, and this blog, in an effort to communicate only the beautiful parts within me and, perhaps, with a belief that somehow this will banish the wealth of darker, messier and far less glamorous traits; to show others that although I may verbally stumble through a sentence or carry myself hesitantly, averting my gaze and swerving from the reach of friendly strangers, that there is something in this world I am capable of contributing... however tiny and frivolous it may seem.

Thanks for listening :)

P.S. I am attempting to spend a bit more time over at Instagram lately.... Please follow me if you're interested in keeping up with the visual frivolity!

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  1. This is very inspiring, Amy :)
    Thankfully behind all (great) design-wives there will be a supportive husband who doesn't mind eating the same meals over and over again!
  2. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and your strength definitely lies in creating a wonderful environment to live in!
  3. I can sympathize! My strength has always been in creativity & the written word.
  4. Amy, there is so much beauty and joy in being able to recognize and acknowledge our strengths and our weaknesses. I struggle with both on a daily basis and therefore find myself in constant search of something... Thank you for sharing this! You inspire me to keep digging...

  5. Jenny | Oct 10, 2014
    Keep being yourself, don't despair. In another age, all women were meant to be decorative and to decorate. We now all have to earn a living as well and it is difficult when one is a creative person. I enjoy your beautiful images and clever ideas. Also, you may not realise it, but you are a writer too. Perhaps start a book and add your illustrations. Your style of expressing yourself through writing in your blogs is very vivacious and your frankness makes you such a real person rather than just a blogger. Keep going, you are great.
  6. I cannot even begin to describe how much I relate to this. In short, this is very encouraging to someone like me who may or may not feel completely repulsed all things "house-wife".
    Thank you for sharing! Just rediscovered this blog and off to follow you on instagram now!
  7. Amy,

    okay, I don't know how to say it better - there's nothing bad in childish things! :) I'm frantically trying to keep my child spirit at the moment, not a very easy task given certain circumstances.

    I love your art!

  8. evanthia | Oct 15, 2014
    Amy, thank you so much for sharing this post! I see myself in it so much. I'm trying to cook well but regarding housework I get the same feeling! And about that child thing... I so much feel you! It's such a relief to know that other people share similar feelings. You don't feel alone (or a UFO as everyone else seems to be on a different track). But hey, life isn't a mold. Everyone makes his/ her own path.... Once again, thanks for sharing and keep up creativity!
  9. Martina | Oct 16, 2014
    I'm not lonely :) And so aren't you!
  10. A beautifully honest and lovely post. I too hide behind my creative doings and my desire to write about my allotment. You can really made your life seem better when you have the power to edit ;)
  11. Gabby | Oct 20, 2014
    I always come by your site to get a little pop of happy and colour in my day. It's like looking through a beautiful little window and I so enjoy it. Keep it up :)
  12. Oh Gosh! The pictures are incredible! You have a great collection of amazing things :)
  13. Wahoo! This is so inspiring!
  14. Always love your posts - super inspiring and nice colourful as well :)
  15. So eloquently put. You're a real writer Amy. xx
  16. JENN | Oct 30, 2014
    I totally understand how you feel. I too have built a wall with Ikea boxes. Each one is filled with stationery, crafting supplies... bits and bobs i keep just cause they're pretty. Im at that stage where every second friend has a darling little one on their hip... but me, i'm content at this stage to have a few more years of pretty messy loveliness :)
  17. Sharee | Nov 3, 2014
    May I ask where the print came from with the young lady in the 5th picture directly under the pink boxes?
  18. Hi all- apologies for the late response but thanks so much for all your comments. Nice to hear I'm not alone. :)

    Sharee- that photo is a cut out from Betty Magazine. http://bettymagazine.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-betty-magazine-summer-2014
  19. Amy --- your contribution to the world is beautiful and meaningful. Never forget.

  20. In the 5th photo down, there is a bird perched upon a blue bowl. I love that bird! Where did you find it?
  21. Ohhh.. there so much beauty.. : ) è bellissimo
  22. It came out great. I've always wanted to make one but didn't know where to start. Thanks for the pics.
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  37. Jackie | Dec 29, 2016
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