Windows of New York | February 19, 2013

So impressed by this web project by Jose Guizar- a series of simple yet gorgeous illustrations of the Windows of New York- updated weekly. 

Amazing colours. I hope he plans to sell postcards!

Check it out.

{ via seamless creative on flipboard }

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  1. How cool is this post! Especially for those who don't live in NY!
  2. What a great idea! I love the illustrations! Thanks for sharing! ps. what an awesome comment form you have! xx
  3. What a fun project. So used to seeing door posters or illustrations, so it's great to see something different.
  4. These illustrations are amazing, thanks for sharing his work.
  5. Love his work. The detail and colors are amazing!
  6. Such an amazing idea! So simple and yet so special! Would like to try it too with houses in my town :)
  7. These are great- simple and classic! My parents are both from 'the city' and it's so nice to have something that preserves classic NY in an art form.
  8. Leyla | Feb 21, 2013
    Recently, I was flipping through a magazine and stumbled across an article about writing blogs. I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo from your beautiful blog on here!
  9. Great pictures!
  10. Kate | Feb 21, 2013
    Hi Amy, I'd love to know what font you've used for "Windows of New York"?

    Thanks! x
  11. Sorry! I just clicked through and realised that's from the windows website! Doh!
  12. Hi all- thanks for the comments!

    Leyla- out of curiosity, which magazine were you flipping through?
  13. Hi! This project is so pretty! I love the graphic style and it is funny because I just am in love with city windows. I live in Montreal and I had an urban course on how windows style were representative of many things (the history behind it is crazy) and I just cant help it, I found them beautiful!

    Olive xox
  14. They are really cute!
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  23. That's nice images of windows. I love this design.
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